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10 Best Dip Powder Nail Kits 2020

Best Dip Powder Nail Kits

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At-home manicures can prevent some huge cash, however common nail polish chips inside days of utility. That’s why manufacturers have began to promote at-home gel kits that promise long-lasting salon-quality manicures for a fragment of the fee. Gel polish kits have taken over the marketplace, however now there’s a new-ish (perhaps even higher) at-home nail cutting manner: dip powder nail kits.

What is a dip powder nail cutting? It’s an enduring nail cutting that does not use UV mild to harden. The shade comes from dipping your nails right into a pigmented powder, moderately than portray on streaks of liquid. The result’s a flawless, even coat, in most cases handiest completed by means of execs — till now.

Are powder dipped nails higher than gel?

The greatest distinction between gel and dip powder is longevity. Dip powder manicures can last as long as a month, which is two times so long as gel nail polish. Also, dip powder manicures do not require mild curing lamps. That way you will not have a cumbersome nail lamp taking on area to your closets or drawers, and you will not need to handle UV publicity.

How do you follow dip powder nail polish at domestic?

  • Prep the nail by means of pushing the cuticles again and submitting the nail into your required form.
  • Use a cleanser to take away oil and mud from the nail mattress.
  • Apply a base coat to the nail as soon as nails are blank and dry.
  • Dip into powder shade and use a duster brush to take away the surplus powder.
  • Repeat all the procedure: double dunking guarantees complete protection and a more potent end for a chip-resistant nail cutting.
  • Finally, paint nails with the activator, which bonds the colour powder right into a lacquered gloss, and follow a most sensible coat for additonal energy.

Are dip powder nails secure?

If you’re frightened about your nail well being, do not be anxious: dip powder may not break your nails, however scraping and choosing the nail cutting off will. Chipping away at your nails with a nail stick eliminates layers of your pure mattress, weakening your nails.

Instead, to take away dip powder nail polish, stick with the similar removing procedure as gel: dip a cotton pad in acetone and make allowance it to sit down in your nails for 10 to 15 mins earlier than wiping the colour away. If your nail cutting does not budge after 15 mins, let your nails soak in polish remover a little bit longer. Don’t omit so as to add a moisturizer for your nails when you’re all carried out!

To get you began, we have rounded up the most efficient dip powder nail kits for an at-home salon-quality nail cutting that may ultimate a number of weeks:

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Best dip powder nail package for novices

Nail Dip Powder Starter Kit

This is package is for the nail amateur. If you do not personal the fundamentals, this dip set does not simply include the powders and liquids: it additionally equips you with a wood stick, nail record, buffer, mud brush and cuticle oil as a way to prep your nails earlier than making use of the bottom coat and powder.


Best Nail Lengthening Dip Powder Kit

Dip Professional Dipping System

Can’t develop lengthy, stunning nails? You’re now not by myself. This set contains each white and pure guidelines you’ll adhere for your nail for natural-looking period.


Best dip powder nail package for French Tips

Soak Off French Tip Acrylic Powder Nail Dip Color Set

Say “bonjour” to this French tip powder dip package. In addition to the elemental liquids and powders you’ll be able to want to succeed in a chip-proof mani, this package additionally comes with dipping tray specifically designed that will help you succeed in a flawless white tip.


Best dip powder nail package for stylish colours

Dip Powder Starter Kit

While maximum starter kits include vintage reds and delicate pinks, this powder set gives 3 sun shades of plum and a subdued blue for an autumnal nail cutting. It additionally comes with a broom cleanser so that you shouldn’t have to fret about leftover powder from earlier manicures speckling your uniformed dip.


Best color-changing dip powder nail package

SerenDIPity Mood Changing Dip Powder Starter Kit

Color Club


Enjoy a little bit of temper ring nostalgia as you follow the shade replacing powder from this package. The colours trade with the temperature so it is like getting two manicures in a single!


Best nail Strengthening dip powder package

Dipping Nail Starter Kit



For a nail powder package that does not simply glance just right, but in addition does just right take a look at DipWell. This dip device is fortified with calcium to assist stay your nails robust and wholesome, and their merchandise also are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free!


Best dip powder nail package for Healthy Nails

Dipping Powder Nail Kit

Lavendar Violets


The merchandise on this eco-friendly package are three-free which means they’re made with out formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBT), which research counsel will have a adverse affect in your well being. It could also be made cruelty-free!


Best Holographic dip powder nail Kit

Holographic Nail Powder

If you already personal the whole lot you wish to have to execute the easiest dip powder mani however you are looking to check out one thing other, opt for this holographic nail powder. The enthralling shimmer is certain upload a bit of pleasure for your nails.


absolute best multitasking dip powder nail package

2-in-1 Dip Powder Kit

We love multitasking merchandise that lower your expenses and area in our overflowing make-up luggage. This duo features a bottle of 2-in-1 base and most sensible coat and a bottle of activator, simply do not omit to shop for the dip powder colours one at a time.


Best Dip Powder Nail Removal Kit

Acrylic Nail Polish Remover Clips



A salon-quality nail cutting calls for salon high quality removing. Instead of vigorously rubbing an acetone soaked cotton pad throughout your thick nail cutting, use clips that cling acetone soaked pads to the nail till the polish has damaged down sufficient for simple removing.

Bonus: follow a face masks whilst you wait. When the masks is dry, it is time to take away your nail cutting and start anew.

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