10 Exciting Stories about Lord Ganesha for Kids with Morals

10 Fascinating Lord Ganesha Stories for Children with Morals

Amongst a large number of gods which are provide within the pantheon of Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha is in all probability one of the in style ones. His idols are omnipresent in just about each and every nook of the rustic and there’s massive hobby round celebrating Ganesha Chaturthi. That may additionally be because of the very supply of the identify Ganesha, which has been shaped from two phrases. “Gana” method the loads of folks and “isha” is used to consult with a god. This, somewhat actually, makes Ganesha because the Lord of the loads. Lord Ganesha has been worshipped for a few years and his tales have received somewhat numerous recognition among folks.

Interesting Stories of Lord Ganesha for Kids

Kids might not be within the lengthy pujas and worship procedures of Lord Ganesha. However, you’ll be able to introduce them to quite a lot of tales that encompass this mythological deity and allow them to be awestruck via how superb a few of them are.

1. The Story of His Birth

Let’s start from the beginning with the lord Ganesha’s start tale.

Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati would keep on Mount Kailash, making it their home. Most of the time, Shiva could be out satisfying different duties whilst Parvati used to be on my own on the mountain.

One day, on one of these equivalent instance, Parvati needed to pass to take a bathtub and didn’t want to be disturbed via someone in any respect. Parvati ended up creating a statue of a kid from turmeric and breathed lifestyles into him. She known as the kid Ganesha, and he used to be completely dependable to her. She requested him to protect the house whilst she took a bathtub. Yet once more, Shiva confirmed up and proceeded to go into the home. But this time, he used to be stopped via Ganesha who refused to transport apart. Shiva didn’t know who this unknown kid used to be so he requested his forces to wreck the kid. But Ganesha had the powers bestowed on him via Parvati and defeated Shiva’s military. Shiva, recognized for his excessive fury, misplaced keep watch over on his mood and ended up beheading Ganesha.

When Parvati stepped out and noticed the lifeless frame of her advent, her fury knew no bounds. She lashed out at Shiva and threatened to wreck all of the universe because of the ones movements. Now, the universe used to be the duty of Bramha, Vishnu, and Shiva. Brahma witnessed the wrath of Parvati and apologized on behalf of Shiva to her, advising her not to wreck the universe. Parvati relented at the prerequisites that Ganesha be introduced again to lifestyles and be worshipped as the main God. Shiva, too, discovered the error he dedicated in his rage and apologized to Parvati. He prompt his troops to enter the woodland and get the top of the primary animal they spot. Incidentally, they got here throughout an elephant and taken again his head. This used to be then positioned over the frame and Shiva introduced him to lifestyles, additionally accepting him as his personal son. This is how Ganesha used to be born as we all know and is now worshipped because the god of gods.


As a lot as this tale talks in regards to the start, it teaches us crucial lesson on how anger may cause hurt to our close to and expensive ones and the way vital it’s to rectify our errors once we will be able to.

The Story Of The Missing Conch

2. The Story Of The Missing Conch

This is an excellent tale that confirmed how even Lord Vishnu needed to relent to Lord Ganesha’s antics.

Vishnu used to be recognized to have a conch with him that he stored with himself all the time. One nice day, he spotted that the conch used to be lacking and it used to be nowhere to be discovered. This were given him extraordinarily frustrated and he rallied all his powers into discovering the conch.

As the seek for the conch used to be on, Lord Vishnu all at once started listening to the sound of the conch emanating from a distance. He started in search of it in that path and shortly discovered that the sound used to be coming from Mount Kailash itself. As he reached the mountain, he discovered that the conch were taken via Lord Ganesha and he used to be busy blowing it. Knowing that Lord Ganesha is not going to relent simply, he sought out Shiva and requested him to request Ganesha to go back the conch again to him.

Shiva mentioned he, too, didn’t have any energy of Ganesha’s needs and the one method to appease him is to accomplish a puja for him. So, Lord Vishnu did do this. He arrange the entire vital components for the puja and worshipped Ganesha together with his middle. Seeing this, Ganesha used to be extraordinarily happy and he returned Vishnu’s conch again to him.


The tale somewhat apparently unearths the joys facet to Lord Ganesha and his antics. Furthermore, it teaches us about humility via appearing how God as nice as Vishnu, didn’t hesitate to worship Ganesha.

3. The Story of Shiva’s Failed Battle

Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha have many tales in combination. However, this tale is going past the connection between father and son and teaches a vital lesson.

When the elephant head used to be procured and Ganesha used to be introduced again to lifestyles, Shiva heeded Parvati’s needs and made it a rule that earlier than starting any new enterprise, it used to be vital to worship Lord Ganesha and get his blessings. However, Shiva forgot that the rule of thumb carried out to him as neatly.

On one such instance, Shiva used to be heading out to conflict with the demons and proceeded to take his whole military in conjunction with him for it. But, within the rush of leaving for the fight, he forgot to worship Ganesha first. This resulted in them going through many issues even earlier than achieving the battlefield. On methods to the site of the fight, the war-carriage wheel used to be broken and the growth got here to a halt. This gave the impression of divine intervention to Shiva and he all at once remembered that he had utterly forgotten to worship Ganesha earlier than heading for fight.

Stopping all his troops, Shiva proceeded to arrange the puja then and there and finished the rituals worshipping Ganesha. With Ganesha’s blessings, Shiva proceeded forward and he and his military had been a success in defeating the demons utterly.


This simply is going to turn that regardless of who you’re, upon getting created a rule, it applies to everybody similarly.


4. The Story Of Ganesha’s Wisdom

Lord Ganesha is known as the god of data and knowledge and there’s a impressive tale that illustrates why it’s so.

Ganesha had a more youthful brother known as as Karthikeya. Both would get alongside neatly however, identical to all different siblings, they might have moments of arguments and fights. On one such day, Ganesha and Karthikeya each ended up discovering a novel fruit within the woodland and grabbed it in combination. They refused to proportion it with every different and began claiming the fruit for themselves.

When they reached Mount Kailash and offered this quandary to Shiva and Parvati, Shiva made a proposition. He known the fruit and mentioned that this fruit is understood to grant immortality and intensive wisdom when eaten via the rightful bearer of it. To make a choice who will get it, Shiva proposed a problem. He requested Ganesha and Karthikeya to avoid their global three times. Whoever would achieve this first and go back to Mount Kailash, will be the rightful proprietor of the fruit.

Karthikeya straight away hopped onto his puppy peacock and flew speedily to finish 3 revolutions around the Earth. Ganesha used to be a little bit stocky in comparison to Karthikeya and his puppy used to be a rat who couldn’t fly. Having listened to Shiva’s proposal correctly, Ganesha began strolling round Shiva and Parvati and finished 3 circles round them. When requested via Shiva, Ganesha answered that Shiva had requested them to avoid their global. And for Ganesha, his folks had been greater than the arena. They had been all of the universe.

Shiva used to be touched and inspired via Ganesha’s knowledge and noticed him because the rightful proprietor of the fruit.


Not handiest does this tale give an ideal instance of the way the usage of your knowledge can assist unravel a scenario well, but it surely additionally teaches that your folks will have to be given the dignity and love they deserve.

5. The Story Of Parvati’s Wounds

This superb tale is a brilliant instance of the way all of the global is a unmarried unit.

Ganesha used to be recognized to be a mischievous kid and he would bask in a lot of naughty actions. One time, he got here throughout a cat whilst he used to be taking part in, and proceeded to debris round with it. He picked up the cat and threw it at the flooring, pulling its tail and having amusing with it, whilst the cat meowed in ache. Ganesha failed to note it and performed round till he used to be drained after which got here again house.

On achieving Mount Kailash, Ganesha used to be stunned to look Parvati mendacity down out of doors the house, with wounds all over the place her frame, and crying in ache. Ganesha rushed to her and requested her who did this. To which Parvati answered that Ganesha himself had completed this to her. The cat used to be in truth a type of Parvati, and she or he sought after to mess around along with her son, however Ganesha handled her unfairly and ruthlessly and his movements at the cat have mirrored on his personal mom.

Ganesha used to be totally sorry for his behaviour and took an oath to regard all animals in a gradual method with care and affection.


This tale offers a vital lesson that does unto others as you possibly can need others to do unto you, and this additionally contains animals.

The Story Of Kubera’s Downfall

6. The Story Of Kubera’s Downfall

Kubera used to be a famend God who used to be very talked-about for being the wealthiest of all of them in all of the universe. He had a treasure trove of wealth and would hoard the entirety to himself with delight.

One day, he invited many visitors over for dinner, together with Shiva and Parvati. But they each may just no longer attend the dinner, so that they despatched over Ganesha as their consultant. Ganesha spotted how Kubera’s behaviour used to be and he determined to let his antics unfastened. He started devouring the dinner speedily and ended up completing the entire meals leaving slightly the rest for the opposite visitors. Yet his starvation used to be no longer satiated. So he ended up getting into Kubera’s wealth assortment and get started consuming the entire gold and rich pieces. Still unhappy, Ganesha then proceeded to devour Kubera himself, who ran to Mount Kailash for defense.

Shiva, seeing the rationale in the back of Ganesha’s doing, introduced a easy bowl of cereals to Ganesha. He ate them and straight away used to be glad. Kubera discovered to not amass wealth greedily and agreed to distribute it among everybody.


The tale presentations how greed and delight can also be destructive to an individual and it is important to be thoughtful against everybody.

7. The Story Of Kaveri’s Creation

It starts with the want of a sage known as Agastya who wanted to create a river that would receive advantages the folks staying within the southern lands. The Gods heeded his want and offered him with a small bowl containing water. Wherever he would pour the bowl, the river would originate from there.

Agastya determined to create the foundation past the mountains of Coorg and proceeded to shuttle there. On the adventure, he were given drained and started on the lookout for a spot to take some relaxation. Just then, he got here throughout a small boy who used to be status on my own. He asked him to carry the pot of water whilst he went and relieved himself. The boy used to be Ganesha himself. He knew what the pot of water used to be for and discovered that the site he used to be at used to be easiest for the river, so he set the pot down.

When Agastya got here again, he noticed the pot at the flooring and a crow making an attempt to drink water from it. He shooed away the crow, who flew away however no longer earlier than tipping the pot at the flooring. This resulted within the river originating from that position itself, which is now known as the Kaveri river.


Sometimes, issues would possibly not at all times determine in the way in which we would like them to. Nevertheless, what occurs does occur for a just right reason why.

The Story Of Ganesha’s Single Tusk

8. The Story Of Ganesha’s Single Tusk

There are many variations that give an explanation for this however this Bal Ganesh tale does it easiest.

As legend has it, Mahabharata is Ved Vyas’ advent, however it’s mentioned to be written via Lord Ganesha himself. Ved Vyas approached Ganesha in order that he may just transcribe the epic tale as he narrated it to him. The situation used to be that Vyas needed to narrate it with out smash and Ganesha would write it in one pass.

As they improved in writing the tale, there got here some extent the place the quill that Ganesha used to be the usage of to write down it down broke and he had no different quills with him at that second. Ved Vyas may just no longer forestall narrating the tale for the reason that situation used to be already set in stone for him. Without losing any time, Ganesha temporarily broke off one in every of his personal tusks and shaped it right into a pen, the usage of it to proceed writing the epic with out interruption. This allowed the epic to turn into a holy one and Ganesha and Vyas ended up finishing it in combination.


This tale of Ganesha presentations very obviously how vital it’s to be disciplined and made up our minds to finish a job upon getting approved to finish it, it doesn’t matter what occurs. A private sacrifice may additionally be vital to finish one thing epic.

9. The Story of The Lunar Curse

This tale follows proper after the lawsuits of Kubera’s dinner.

After consuming to his will, Ganesha’s abdomen had turn into extraordinarily huge and he were given a potbelly. Walking round with it was tough for him and as he moved, he ended up dropping his stability and stumbled and fell down. The moon, who used to be gazing all of this, started giggling at Ganesha’s quandary. Seeing the moon humiliate him, Ganesha cursed the moon, making it utterly invisible. The moon, understanding its mistake, started pleading to Ganesha for forgiveness. Relenting to his incessant apologies, Ganesha then determined to set in a cycle the place the moon seemed and disappear each and every 15 days.

Another tale by which the moon used to be cursed via Ganesha additionally comes to a snake. One day, Parvati made Ganesha’s favorite meals, modak. Ganesh filled himself with as many modak as he may just. Later that evening, he went out on his automobile, the mouse, who may just hardly ever take Ganesha’s weight with the entire modak he has eaten. Suddenly, upon encountering a snake, the mouse stumbled, and Ganesha were given thrown over. As quickly as he hit the bottom, his abdomen burst and the entire modak fell out. He temporarily grabbed the entire meals and filled it again into his abdomen, and to carry it, he held the snake and tied it round his waist. This tale additionally explains why some idols of Ganesha have a snake across the abdomen. Upon seeing this, the moon couldn’t assist however snicker his middle out. Ganesha were given extraordinarily indignant and cursed him, pronouncing no person will see the moon at the instance of Ganesh Chaturthi, or else they are going to be accused of doing one thing improper.


One will have to by no means snicker at any individual else’s issues or deformities. This is rude and isn’t an indication of fine behaviour.

The Story Of The Sweet Kheer

10. The Story Of The Sweet Kheer

Ganesha as soon as entered a village within the type of a boy, protecting some rice in a single hand and milk within the different. He started soliciting for assist to make some kheer however everyone used to be busy.

He reached a deficient lady’s hut who agreed to make the kheer for him. As she blended it in combination and set the pot to cook dinner, she fell asleep and the boy went out to play. On waking up, she discovered the kheer had cooked and used to be extraordinarily scrumptious.

She used to be too hungry and couldn’t face up to it. But earlier than consuming the kheer, she took out a few of it in a bowl and introduced it to Ganesha’s idol after which started consuming the kheer. No topic how a lot she ate, the pot by no means emptied. When the boy returned, the lady gave him all of the pot and confessed that she ate earlier than him as a result of she used to be hungry. The boy answered pronouncing he ate it too when she introduced the bowl to the Ganesha idol. The lady started crying at his ft and Ganesha blessed her with wealth and well being.


Before taking good care of your personal wishes, remember to worship God and stay one thing apart for others as neatly.

Telling your youngsters the Lord Ganesha’s tales from the trove of mythology is a good way to introduce them to Lord Ganesha. Various pujas and rituals might at all times be part of the house, however what’s vital is to carry God to your middle and cling to the foundations put ahead via him.

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