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12 Beauty Secrets From Real Pageant Queens

Beauty pageants: They’re the place Halle Berry, Michelle Pfeiffer, Diane Sawyer, or even Justin Timberlake (sure, in reality) all were given their begins. The festival circuit may be famously the place Bachelorette and Dancing With the Stars contestant Hannah Brown began out. And, after all, it is usually the place FBI agent Gracie Hart went undercover to forestall a terrorist assault. These attractiveness pageants have undoubtedly modified so much over time. Just have a look at the Miss America festival: The group is casting off the go well with portion after years of complaint.

As issues proceed to switch, something is sure, those pageants don’t seem to be simple. Yet below vivid degree lighting fixtures and top definition cameras, those girls at all times glance superb. Well, there is a explanation why for that. After years at the circuit, those festival queens select up a attractiveness secret or two. Luckily for us, some present and previous festival queens were sort sufficient spill their secrets and techniques on the entirety from hair and make-up to posing and posture. Here’s how they give the impression of being tiara-ready.


Makeup Brushes Give You a Streak-Less Self Tan


Keep Your Teeth Lipstick Free


Dark Lipstick Makes Your Smile Whiter and Brighter

“Other contestants taught me a lot because I didn’t know anything about makeup!” Tami Farrell, Miss Teen USA 2003 told Yahoo! “If it works for your face, wear darker lipstick to make your teeth look whiter and smile look bigger.”



Aftershave Has a Hidden Use

Aftershave is not just for males, it seems that! “For my primer, I use Nivea’s sensitive skin aftershave for men,” The 2017 Miss West Virgina, Morgan Breeden advised People. “It has glycerin in it, and it’s the best primer ever.”



Remove Your Makeup Easily With Coconut Oil

Ashley Bendiksen, Miss New Bedford 2009, raves that coconut oil is an exceptional make-up remover. “Massage it all over your face, and all over your closed eyes — dry, no water, just the straight coconut oil — and then wipe it off with baby wipes,” she advises. And talking of child comfortable pores and skin, Kari Christensen has a equivalent tip in your legs: “I use conditioner or body wash instead of shaving cream. It will leave your legs extra soft and moist, and it’s less expensive.”



Give Your Skin a Jumpstart Every New Season

“Get a facial every time the season changes to help your skin reset for the different weather,” recommends Kari Christensen, Miss Oregon 2007. Your pores and skin will thanks with fewer breakouts and blotchiness in the summertime because it adjusts to the warmth, and no more flaky, dry pores and skin within the iciness because it is going thru the similar procedure for the chilly.


Get an Amazing Manicure on the Drugstore

If Miss Westchester 2016, Morgan Modugno, is ever in a decent pinch (or on a decent finances) and cannot swing a complete nail clipping, she is aware of precisely what to do. “I pick up a box of the DIY acrylic nails from the drugstore and do them myself,” she says. “I’ve received so many compliments on what looks like my ‘fresh gel manicure’ and little do they know, I spent under $10 and saved so much time!”



Disguise Under-Eye Circles by means of Diffusing the Light

If you did not get sufficient sleep ultimate night time, Jessica Victoria Johnson, first runner-up at Miss Wisconsin 2015, suggests this fast answer: “Use a lighter shade of concealer and then a high definition, or reflection powder and put it on your under eye circles.”



Peppermint Tea Brightens up Your Eye Area

Miss Rhode Island 2015 Alexandra Curtis’ trick is to at all times stay peppermint tea baggage readily available — and no longer only for consuming. “When I have a photo shoot or a big event, I will dampen two bags the night before and let them chill in my fridge. In the morning, I take them out and lie down with them under my eyes for 10 minutes. It’s my secret to looking refreshed and doing away with under eye circles.”



Skipping Shampoo Makes Your Hairstyle Last Longer

Good information for all you girls who do not love washing your hair on a daily basis. Jill Lawton, Miss Worcester 2008, says “dirty hair holds better.” So prior to you are making your self overdue looking to have compatibility a excellent suds and a blow out in prior to paintings, simply throw a couple of free curls to your hair or do a top pony as an alternative — the herbal texture produced by means of grime and oils makes those types grasp fantastically all day. If your hair has a tendency to move a bit of limp with out day by day washing, you’ll be able to at all times blast it with a bit of dry shampoo on the roots so that you don’t seem to be lacking out on any quantity.



Dewy Makeup Looks Great on Aging Skin

“I find that in my forties, foundation is a bit much, so I swear by Dior Hydra Life BB cream,” explains Miss New Mexico 1994, Jill Foley. “It has an SPF of 30, and gives a dewy, even-tone finish that I love.”



Double-Sided Tape Is Your Best Friend

If you have not visited your tailor in recent times, Morgan Mudugno has an answer for you: “Never leave home without double-sided tape; you never know when it’ll come in handy. I sometimes use it to adjust the hem on my pants depending on the heels I’m wearing.”


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