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4 Exercises to Flatten Stomach After Pregnancy

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4 Exercises to Flatten Stomach After PregnancyExercises are not only one of the perfect ways to keep the body healthy and fit but also one of the ideal natural techniques to maintain a good figure you always desired for. According to researchers, different forms of workouts and exercises can fulfill different aims for you. For example, there are abdominal exercises that help in giving women a flat and attractive belly.

Pregnancy is one of the phases when the women are left with over weight issues as well as a protruding stomach. The good news is that there are various exercises that can help them flatten the stomach without any risk factors. Following them on a regular basis will start giving visible outcomes in a month’s time. This health guide gives you the best ones that you can pick from: –

Exercises To Flatten Stomach After Pregnancy

Post Natal Sit Up Exercise

This is one of the most effective ways to flatten the stomach after pregnancy. To do the exercise successfully, you need to lie on your back with bent knees. The abdominal muscles should be contracted in a way that you squeeze them towards the spine.

Post Natal Sit Up ExerciseThe head should be lifted from the floor when you exhale. This can also be done a number of times in the entire day while in the sitting position. All you need to do is squeeze the abdominal towards the spine while sitting on a chair or driving. About 20 times repetition will give you the right outcomes.

Leg Slide Exercise

Strengthening of the abdominal region can also help you in achieving the goals and what better than sticking to leg slides for the same. This is one of the exercises for flat stomach that you can start after one month of giving birth to your child. You need to lie back on the floor with knees bent in a way that it is towards the ceiling.

Leg Slide ExerciseThe abs should not be contracted and the small of the back pushed on the floor as you exhale air. The legs should now be slide in a way that goes away from the body. The muscles of the stomach should be used to keep the back flat against the surface. Once the back forms an arch, come back to the starting position. 10 repetitions are recommended.

Curl Up Exercise

Take a recommendation from the doctor and start the curl up exercise a week after the child birth. The exercise calls for lying on the back with knees bent. Now slowly inhale air through the nose. The chin should be tucked to the chest.

Curl Up ExerciseThe head should not be raised and the hands should be reached towards the knees. While exhaling the air, count to five while lifting the shoulders from the floor. Now go back to the starting position and repeat it 5 times. The hand can be placed on the chest or the back of the neck, once you start gaining some strength.

Pelvic Tilt Exercise

Pelvic tilt also helps in strengthening the abdominal muscles and you need to lie on the back with knees bent for the starters.

Pelvic Tilt ExerciseAllow expansion of the stomach when you breathe in air. Now while lifting the tailbone towards the belly button exhale the air slowly. Make sure the hips and comfortably placed on the floor. The buttocks should be tightened while lifting and then released on the floor. 10 times repetition is advised each day.

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