9 Creative and Easy Diya Decoration Ideas for Diwali 2019

diya decoration ideas for diwali

Diwali, the glowing competition of lighting fixtures, is broadly celebrated in India. On this auspicious instance, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh are worshipped for success, prosperity and wealth. Many imagine that Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth and fortune, visits the cleanest and probably the most well-lit space first. But, why accept the obvious and easy clay diyas? We have some thrilling concepts for diya ornament that you just and your children each could make at house. Read on to grasp extra.

Diwali diyas characterize the dispelling of darkness. They are stated to welcome Lakshmi and assist remove darkness from her trail into your home. Why no longer make this much more particular through adorning diyas at house? t Light up your home with gorgeous diyas this Diwali and upload an additional sparkle to your home this season with those simple to put into effect however gorgeous diya ornament concepts!

How to Decorate Diya for Diwali – 9 Best Ideas

Diya ornament is among the most enjoyable and thrilling initiatives to absorb all through Diwali. Kids and adults each can take part within the task and make some fabulous selfmade diya decorations. However, with such a lot of concepts already in the market, how are you able to make sure you have distinctive diyas? Well, listed here are some guidelines that can assist you out!

1. Paper Lotus Diya

Things you’ll want

  • Red-coloured paper
  • White- colored beads
  • Fevicol


  • Take the red-coloured paper and draw the form of a lotus flower on it.
  • Cut out the flower.
  • Apply glue alongside the perimeters of the flower and stick white beads.
  • Now stick a diya within the centre of the flower.

Your paper lotus diya ornament is able. Keep the flame within the centre of the diya to aprevent any injuries.

2. Glitter Diya

Glitter Diya

Things you’ll want

  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Sparkle glue
  • Brush


Give your diyas a extra conventional glance through including sparkle to them. Take some glue on a thick brush and unfold it lightly on a diya.

  • Sprinkle glitter powder lightly at the diya ahead of the fevicol glue dries.
  • Allow the diya to dry for a while.
  • Use sparkle glue and make your favorite designs both inside of or at the edges of the diya.

Light those gorgeous diyas after the glint glue dries and watch them glitter all evening lengthy.low the glint glue to dry. This is our select for a glittering concept on making vibrant Diwali diya design.

3. Kundan Diya

Things you’ll want

  • Mud/ clay diya
  • Acrylic paint
  • Kundan/ colored stones
  • Glue


  • Apply two coats of acrylic paint at the clay diya .
  • Allow the paint to dry.
  • Now, practice glue alongside the rim of the diya and stick the stones .

These gleaming decorations with kundan will without a doubt upload a distinct sparkle to your home this Diwali.

4. Waste CDs Diya

Things you’ll want

  • CDs
  • Hot glue
  • Beads/ rhinestones


  • Start through the usage of a 3-d outliner to make a trend or design at the track-side of the CD.
  • Using a sizzling glue gun, stick some rhinestones or beads in ornamental patterns.
  • Now position a diya within the centre of the CD– the place the an empty area is given.
  • Make other patterns and designs on other CDs and stick small wax/oil lamps on them.

ith tThis newest diya ornament, will upload a marginally of early 00’s nostalgia in your house technologyHigh-tech this Diwali all set! ThisThis is an extremely simple and mess- unfastened selfmade diya diwali ornament for youngsters concept.

5. Painted Flower Diya

Things you’ll want:


  • Paint 4 diyas the usage of a most popular acrylic paintof your selection.
  • Arrange thee diyas round one not unusual level to make a flower-like association.
  • Paint extra such diyas to make other colored flower diyas and position them at within the other corners of your home.
  • Go for various shapes to organize the diyas in to create a good looking diya ornament.

6. Tea Light Holder

Tea Light Holder

Things you’ll want:

  • Heatproof glass jar
  • Modelling clay/ shilpkar clay
  • Paint
  • Glitter


  • Mix the shilpkar clay and create a dish upon which you’ll position the glass jar.
  • Use some extra clay and create patterns and designs at the aspects of the jar.
  • Let it set.
  • Paint the clay along with your favorite colors and let it dry.
  • Use sparkle glue to create some shimmering patterns at the set clay.

This is a brilliant diya ornament concept for youngsters as a result of they normally like taking part in with clay or play-dough. Place the tea lighting fixtures within the jar and enliven the room.

7. Tin Can Diya Wall Hanging

Tin Can Diya Wall Hanging

Thing’s you’ll want

  • Tin cans
  • Tea lighting fixtures
  • Paint
  • Rope


  • Take the tin cans and poke a hollow at the aspect in every of them.
  • Use paint and embellish the outside of the tin cans to your favorite designs and hues.
  • Run a rope during the hollow and protected one finish of it. Create a loop on the second one finish and dangle the tin at the wall with its backside flat at the wall.
  • Place a tea mild within the tin sparsely.

This is a brilliant concept for a wall placing. Use larger tin cans if you happen to concern hearth hazards. You may additionally opt for battery-operated tea lighting fixtures for this diya ornament at house.

8. Conch Shell Diyas

Conch Shell Diyas

Things you’ll want

  • Big-sized conch shells
  • Wax
  • Candlewick


  • Clean the conch shells and make sure they’re utterly dry.
  • Melt some wax on a double boiler and pour it into the conch shell.
  • Place the wick within the shell.
  • Let it set.

These conch shells will also be embellished with paint, beads, kundan, and so on. You too can use other colors of wax. Place the conch shells in several preparations in the home to create gorgeous diya decorations this Diwali.

9. Pebble Stone Diya Stand

Pebble Stone Diya Stand

Things you’ll want

  • Pebble stones, relatively huge.
  • Hot glue
  • Paint and paintbrushes


  • Paint the pebble stones to your favorite colors and allow them to dry.
  • Using sizzling glue, stick the pebble stones on best of each other to make a stand. Keep the topmost stone flat to carry a diya or tea mild.
  • Let it set.

Place those stands in the entire darkish corners of your home and brighten them up this Diwali. Or create a diya ornament of those stands and position them within the centre of the lounge. You too can create a bowl of pebble stones as a substitute of a stand.

These are some easy concepts for diya ornament at house for you to check out this Diwali. Don’t omit to involve your children on this a laugh task and create gorgeous diyas for your home. If you have got already attempted some, do let us know about your favourites within the feedback segment underneath.

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