Ab Exercises For Women To Keep The Fat At Bay


Ab Exercises For Women To Keep The Fat At Bay

Tired of the fat around your abdomen? Well, you are not the only one as several women are complaining about the same. The sad part is that the fat around the abdomen is really stubborn and it would take a lot of hard work to burn and tone the fat. If you want sexy abs, you would need to do the ab exercises which are proven to be really effective. It is true that you need a good diet along with a lot of cardio to burn the fat on an overall body basis.

But if you want to focus on your abs specifically, then the ab exercises are the best. They can be done easily at home or even during your gym sessions. Follow the ab exercises for women at home for sexy abs and get killer abs that you have always wanted.

Exercises for Perfect Abs

Leg Raises

Leg raises can really help you get rid of the fat around your belly and tone the ab muscles. What you would need is an exercise mat. Lie down on the mat – make sure you lie flat on the exercise mat. Press your hands under the bottom or you can keep it to your sides. Your legs should be straight lying flat. Now you need to contract the ab muscles and raise one of your legs. You can raise both your legs too as that will give you better results.

Ab Exercises For Women To Keep The Fat At Bay

Hold your leg up in the air above the ground for 10 seconds and then slowly bring it back to the ground and do the same with the other leg. While you are doing this exercise, you need to make sure that your spine is on the ground and not off the ground. You can do these as many times as you want. Do not overdo as health is wealth and you do not want to get injuries! It is easy to do and highly effective. Also, it is one of the exercises that trainers in the gym recommend to do to get flat abs.

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Crunches using Exercise Ball

Crunches are popular when it comes to ab exercises but if you want the same crunches to be more effective then try doing them with an exercise ball. Sit on the ball and raise your legs slowly up in the air and just pretend or falsely think that you are walking i.e. swinging your feet in the air like air walking.

Ab Exercises For Women To Keep The Fat At Bay

When you feel comfortable sitting on the ball, keep your feet on the ground and then raise your hands up. Keep it to shoulder length and contract your thigh, buttock and abdomen muscles. You need to hold this position for at least 10 -20 seconds and then lie back on the ball. You should repeat this set for about seven to eight times for visible results.

The Famous Bicycle Exercise

Bicycle exercise can be both fun and tough to do as it really works the ab muscles and gives you the abs that you have dreamt of. What you need to do is lie flat on the ground and simply place your hands under your head. Now fold the legs and slowly raise your knee towards your chest. Lift your shoulders so that that they are off the ground and slowly move your legs in a pedaling motion.

That is where the name ‘bicycle exercise’ comes from as you need to perform pedaling motions. You can also bring your left elbow to your right knee and vice versa. Since this is an easy to do exercise – you can do it for 60-80 times in a go. If you feel any discomfort, you shall discontinue. This really helps in toning your abs and it is proven as several women do it all around the world and get great results. You can do it at your home – even on your bed for that matter.

Getting the perfect sexy abs is not as difficult as it seems. All you need to have is dedication, will and a little time. Even if you do one of the exercises above once in a day – you will see results in no time. There are other exercises such as the pelvic tilt or the simple ab crunches that you can perform and get sexy abs. Go ahead and try these exercises as they really help in toning your ab muscles. Stay hydrated, happy and make sure you do a lot of cardio along with ab exercises for lasting results.


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