Best Treatments For Adult Acne

 Adult AcneWhile pimples are your companion in teenage, acne follows you to adulthood. Better known as adult acne, it is a common cause of concern among men and women till their 50s. Adult acne is primarily related to hormone fluctuation and is more common among women as compared to men. Adult acne can be cured with medication and natural remedies. Here are some ways to treat adult acne.

Medical Treatment for Adult Acne

Although a huge population depends on over-the-counter drugs to treat adult acne, it should be avoided. This is because over-the-counter medications contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid that deliver results with pustules and whiteheads and fails to treat adult acne permanently.

The best thing to do is to consult a doctor. Most doctors recommend a cream that has to be taken alongside oral medications. Some of the most prescribed creams for adult acne treatments are –

Creams Containing Retinoid

Retinol is derived from vitamin A that helps in unplugging follicles and hence it treats adult acne at its root. These creams also exfoliate the skin and keep the pores clear.

Creams Containing Retinoid

They also treat wrinkles. Retinol regulates cell turnover to remove sticky dead cells that otherwise tend to clog together.

Combination Cream

Combination creams containing clindamycin (an antibiotic) and benzoyl peroxide cleanse the skin and clear clogged pores. Benzoyl peroxide kills the trigger bacteria for adult acne i.e. P. acnes. Let the cream settle down on your face for at least few minutes. Do not wash the cream off too soon. Use the cream till the flare-ups are gone.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid cream prevents formation of dead skin cells. Since it has anti-inflammatory properties, it fights skin redness.


Gels that contain 5% dapsone treat adult acne by acting against inflammation related to acne.

Oral Antibiotic

These medications act as anti-inflammation agents that help in treating adult acne.

Birth control pills

These pills regulate hormone fluctuations that are often the cause of acne breakouts.

Therapies for adult Acne


This is a photopneumatic treatment involving a suction cup to treat acne. The suction cup apparatus goes deep into the pores and release a pulsed light into the hair follicles. The pulsed light shrinks down the sebaceous glands of skin resulting in lesser oil production. However, this treatment is quite expensive and is not a one-time thing.

Natural treatment for Adult Acne

Tea Tree Oil

This essential oil has delivered proven result in treating adult acne. The best way to use tea tree oil as a remedy for acne is to steam bath in it.

Tea Tree Oil

Pour some drops of tea tree oil into boiling water in your tub and let your face absorb the steam. Tea tree oil will moisten your pimples and then you can easily remove it. Juniper oil is a good alternative.

Chamomile Tea

You can drink chamomile tea or directly apply it on the acne to find relief. It reduces toxicity and inflammation associated with adult acne. Brew two cups of chamomile tea. Take a cotton ball, dip it in one of the cups of chamomile tea and swab the acne pores with it while you are sipping the tea from the other cup.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A decreases production of keratin and serum that tend to build up in follicles. You can take vitamin A supplements. Some of the good sources of vitamin A are carrot, spinach, lettuce, etc.

Vitamin E

vitamin e

Vitamin E facilitates selenium to activate the enzyme gluthathione peroxidase that prevents inflammation. Some good sources of vitamin E are sunflower seeds, papaya, asparagus and almonds.


Zinc not only facilitates healing and regeneration of tissues but also facilitates vitamin A. It also prevents conversion of testosterone hormone into dihydrotestosterone and hence prevents production of sebum.

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Yogurt contains acidophilus bacteria that treat acne by checking growth of harmful bacteria such as candida albicans and yeast.

Dong Quai

This reduces acne inflammation by cancelling out chemotactic signals sent by bacteria. Dong quai contains chemicals that send destructive chemicals to the bacteria causing in its death.

Oregon Grape Root

This herb too treats inflammation caused by adult acne.

Tips for Keeping Adult Acne at bay


Diet plays a major role in preventing frequent acne breakouts. You should heavily rely on a diet comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, you should include lean protein such as fish and chicken to your diet. Fish is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids that fight free radicals from damaging skin cells.

Avoid foods with high sugar content, fried foods and processed foods apart from whole dairy. Your diet should be rich in foods containing essentials vitamins A, B and C. Add green food supplements such as barley greens, spirulina, cholorophyll, etc.

diet for adult acne

To your diet that remove toxins from the body and prevent acne breakout. Drink lots and lots of water as staying hydrated is a sure shot way of keeping adult acne at bay.

Avoid Spot Treatment

Applying cream only to the acne does not help as it does not reach deep within the skin. Cover the whole face with cream and let it settle down to actually break down acne cycle. This process would clear active acne and even the possible breakouts that are not yet visible on the skin surface. This process also has potential anti-aging benefits.

Avoid over Cleansing

Cleansers contain harsh chemicals that tend to make the situation worse by aggravating the inflammation. Over cleansing would also open the pores and make breakouts more prone to infection. Instead, you can cleanse your face with tepid water with gentle sweeping movements on your face.

Watch for Triggers at Workplace

Computer and the phone can transport unwanted bacteria to the skin thereby causing acne. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes to work as they result in over sweating and can trigger acne breakouts.

Use Handheld Thermal Devices

These devices are better alternative to expensive cortisone injections and can be easily used to treat moderate level acne right at home. These devices deliver heat to acne-causing bacteria and reduce up to 80% of acne breakouts in just 24 hours.

Wear Makeup Carefully

Sometimes the makeup you wear contains chemicals that trigger acne breakouts. Prefer oil-free makeup and cosmetics that are non-comedogenic. Avoid products containing silicone.

Medications for Other Disease

Medications for other diseases may also cause acne breakouts as side effects. Some of these medications are steroids for respiratory diseases such as asthma, anti-seizure preventives, antabuse for alcoholism, anabolic steroids, etc. So, you should consult your doctors in such cases.

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