Best Ways To Cook With Chives


Best Ways To Cook With Chives

are a kind of green herbs that are used to prepare many dishes. The most widely used dish in which chives are used is baked potato. They are used in both in raw as well as cooked forms. Chives are often added to dishes to give them a greener look and a fresh flavor.

Cooking With Chives

The following points will tell you about how to cook with Chives so that you can use them not only in baked potato dishes but also in various other dishes.


One of the first things to remember about cooking with chives is the fact that if you are using them directly from the plant, then you will need to cut them at least one or two inches from the ground. It is important to remember not to pull out the chives from the soil, otherwise the chives can be damaged.


Secondly, before you use the chives, you need to wash them properly. Since you are using chives directly from the plant, you need to make sure that you wash away all the soil, dirt and other impurities that may remain the herb.

Thirdly, after you have washed the chives, you can cut them for use in the dishes. For most dishes, it is advisable to cut the chives into small pieces half an inch in length. At this size, the chives look like freshly chopped small green stalk and look wonderful as garnishing for various dishes.


Fourthly, another point regarding how to cook with Chives is to read the recipe for the dish that you are preparing carefully. Make sure that you use the right amount of chives that is required. If you use an amount that is in excess of what is required, then your dish will end up having a very strong flavor from the chives which is not recommended.

On the other hand, if you use an amount that is much less than what is required, then the flavor of the chives will be drowned by the other flavors in the dish. Hence it is important to use the right quantity of these herbs. The best way to measure the chives is to place the chopped chives on a teaspoon.

Using Chives

Fifthly, chives are a delicate herb. Hence you should never use them during the cooking process. If you add the chives to your dish while you are still cooking it, then the chives will get cooked as well and lose their natural flavor. It is therefore best to add the chives as the last step of the cooking or in the garnishing. The fresh green look that is provided by the chives to any dish will become lost if you cook them.

Finally, you can also mix chives with a few other herbs such as parsley and tarragon and then use the mixture in various dishes. Make sure that you store chives in a cool and dry place to keep them fresh for longer.

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