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Billie Razor Review 2020 – Are Razor Subscriptions Worth It?

It may sound ordinary, however frame hair removing fascinates me. There’s not anything extra gratifying than seeing undesirable hair fall off your pores and skin and drip proper down the drain. I’ve darkish facial and frame hair, so it is obtrusive after I come to a decision to skip on hair removing. Because darkish stubble irks me to no finish, I’ve experimented with all sorts of hair removing procedures except for for laser hair removing: together with epilating, at-home waxing {and professional} waxing, and the great ol’ disposable razor.

Starter Kit


So after I heard about Billie razors, I could not wait to get my palms on one. First, they are fantastically packaged. You can inform simply by the photographs that the care for is a bit more luxe than your on a regular basis razor. Second, Billie’s complete undertaking is to make high quality shaving provides extra inexpensive for ladies. ICYMI, the crimson tax is the an upcharge aimed at ladies for private hygiene merchandise, haircuts, model, and extra, and Billie objectives to paintings in opposition to it. Lastly, and most probably most significantly, this was once the primary razor subscription for ladies I’ve ever heard of. Sure, I used to be conversant in Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s, however to listen to that an organization said that — shocker — ladies develop hair and shave it off too? Wow, it is about time anyone identified.

How does the Billie razor subscription paintings?

The Billie razor subscription provider prices $nine consistent with cargo, which is already spectacular as a result of competition can fee as much as $39 a month. To get began, Billie has you fill out a handy guide a rough, three-step survey to absolute best perceive your shaving wishes. You can select the razor colour of your selection: Coral, DreamPop, Blush, Periwinkle, and Cool Blue. I picked DreamPop, a crimson and pink tone that is the logo’s most well liked colour.

You’ll solution questions on how continuously you shave to curate a subscription plan for your private shaving frequency (per 30 days, bimonthly, and even trimonthly shipments). From a sustainability viewpoint, I in my view recognize this since you’re handiest receiving the volume you can in fact use. Your first cargo is the Starter Kit, which incorporates a Billie care for, one magnetic razor holder, and two razor cartridges with lather bars inbuilt. Every cargo after that may ship 4 substitute cartridges — however handiest when you wish to have them.

billie razor review - review

A preview of your subscription plan, post-survey.


Every cargo delivers 4 cartridges — however handiest when you wish to have them.

To extra skillfully evaluation how smartly Billie plays, I requested Gretchen Frieling, MD, an authorized dermatopathologist at GFaceMD for her experience on what makes a just right razor and when put next her issues to my Billie enjoy.

  • Billie’s 5-blade razors are perfect for shaving, length. “More blades allow for a closer shave and are better for sensitive skin,” says Dr. Frieling. Generally, she suggests to make use of a razor with at least 5 blades as a result of they’re located nearer in combination. “This prevents skin from getting into the blades and causes less irritation since only hair can pass through.”
  • Built-in lather bars are smoothing and soothing. “With lather bars attached, you’re sure to have the shaving cream where you want it,” says Dr. Frieling. Billie’s razor blades are encased with charcoal shave cleaning soap, which means that you don’t want shaving cream.
  • They have a conforming head, for hard-to-reach spaces. I would not say Billie has an entire pivoting head, but it surely does transfer up and down to evolve to anywhere you are shaving round, just like the knees, underarms, or higher lip.
  • They characteristic a just right, forged care for. According to Dr. Frieling, a just right razor care for must be robust and simple to carry. While Billie’s care for isn’t any platinum steel care for, its resin and rubber subject material no doubt feels heavier than maximum disposable razors, which generally tend to face in the midst of too stiff and too flimsy.

    Are Billie Razors price it?

    I began with my legs, the place my hair texture is medium to high quality. As I shaved upwards, I right away spotted two issues: 1) It took fewer passes with the Billie razor to get a blank shave. 2) This razor was once tremendous simple to scrub. I ran it underneath water for a couple of seconds, and it was once in a position for its subsequent goal.



    Next up have been my palms. Again, I will have to have handed over my palms 4 or 5 occasions to get the activity totally finished. Granted, my palms are smaller and my arm hair is lovely high quality.

    My arm before using Billie.


    My arm after using Billie.


    Lastly, I focused my underarms, that have the coarsest hair texture on my frame. Armpit hair grows in numerous instructions, so I shaved upwards, downwards, and whichever reverse method my hair was once rising. The conforming head was once no doubt useful right here, particularly within the innermost spaces. Because I began with quick, thick stubble, I used to be amazed via how a lot lighter and smoother my underarms have been afterwards. I no doubt credit score that to the pointy blades, and it is comforting to grasp that with Billie, I will be able to at all times have sharp blades readily to be had as an alternative of coping with rusted blades or having to run to the shop to shop for a razor I’d throw away once more in a month.

    My armpit before using Billie.


    My underarm after using Billie.


    How lengthy Billie lasts actually is dependent upon your hair enlargement and the way continuously you shave, however the logo recommends to exchange your blade after each seven shaves “for a tip-top shave every time.” My underarm hair began rising again one to 2 weeks later, however my legs and arms have not proven any enlargement for roughly two to a few weeks now.

    The base line: All mentioned, in case you already experience the usage of razors however need a extra handy and inexpensive enjoy, Billie is a great funding. Besides, having cartridges incessantly delivered proper for your door (with loose transport) makes the shaving enjoy such a lot more uncomplicated, plus cartridges are cleaner to retailer than a big bulk pack of razors. And as consistent with Billie’s coverage, you’ll be able to cancel anytime — no strings connected.


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