Dangers Of Dieting During Pregnancy

Dangers Of Dieting During PregnancyIt is normal for pregnant females to worry about their weight during pregnancy. With all the medication and calorie intake for the growing needs of the child it is a natural concern that comes as to how will this entire calorie go post delivery. No matter how much you consume and what you consume to fulfill the needs one should not diet during pregnancy.

There are alternates to dieting, wherein you can eat healthy food all day long, pulling up the needs of your body and not gain much weight; but starving yourself and the growing baby is not the way for a pregnant woman. There can be various complications in the pregnancy if a mother plans to take up a strict dieting routine.

Various Dangers Of Dieting During Pregnancy


The body of the child of a dieting mother has low metabolism, as the child from the very beginning is accustomed to less food intake. Thus even after being born, the body continues to process lesser food than it actually consumes causing fats and carbohydrates to accumulate leading to obesity.

Birth Deformities

Birth Deformities


The fetus needs several nutrients for the development of tissues and bones inside the mother’s womb. If a pregnant woman is on strict controlled diet, it may lead to improper development of the child’s physical and mental abilities leading to lifelong deformities in physical or mental health of the baby.

Pregnancy And Labor Complications

Low food intake deprives the body of the vital nutrients and in turn energy required to bear the labor and delivery pains. Thus when the baby is born, it derives the required energy from the mother’s body which leads to complications during birth and low energy and illnesses during pregnancy.

Heart Problems

Dieting causes babies to have low birth weight due to improper nutritional balance during the pregnancy. There are also chances that the child suffers raised blood pressure for life and is born with coronary heart diseases. If not during birth, there are high chances for the baby to develop the diseases in the later stages of their life.

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Low Birth Weight

An undernourished fetus is not ready to undergo the rigors of labor. If the mother is on diet it is very normal that the child lack proper growth and development needed to withstand a normal delivery.

Low Birth Weight

It also leads to low birth weight and the child suffers thru various illnesses in the future too. Sometimes it may lead to serious health issues leadin to the death of the child.


Increased resistance to insulin is developed when a pregnant woman does excessive dieting causing body mass index to drop less than 20 during pregnancy. This insulin can get transferred to the baby developing diabetic tendency.

Impaired Brain Development

Lack of iodine and glucose during pregnancy causes improper development of nervous system in the child. The body’s metabolism being low causes immune system to be weak and susceptible to frequent illness. It also affects the mental health and brain development of the child. Eventually there are chances that the baby turns out to be shy and inactive due to frequent and prolonged ill health.

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