Easy Thigh Exercises For Women


Easy Thigh Exercises For Women

If you’re ashamed to wear that trendy short top because it’ll reveal your fat thighs or you’re just not confident enough to wear a short dress because of the cellulite in the thigh region, it is time you learn some thigh-sculpting exercises to shape your thighs and make them leaner and stronger, so that you look sexy and sensuous in any outfit and get the confidence to show them off in shorts and skirts!

Thigh Exercises for Women

Air Scissor Kicks

This exercise is great to tone up your lower abdomen, inner thighs as well as the outer thighs. For this you need to lie on your back. Place the palms underneath your buttock to provide yourself with more stability. Stretch out your legs and keep them a little above the ground.

Air Scissor Kicks

Move your legs up and down alternately as if you’re walking fast. This movement is known as scissor kick. You can also take longer steps. Stretch out the toes too, because the more you point your toes, the better for your thigh workout. Keep the scissor kicks controlled so that you feel that much needed tension in your thighs.

Reclining Leg Raise

Reclining leg raise is a strength toning exercise for the thighs in a much targeted way. However for this you’ll need a body bar, but it is not mandatory. Lie down on one side say on the left. Support your head with the left fist. Keep your left leg straight and bend out right leg over the left leg and keep your foot on the floor.

Reclining Leg Raise

Rest the body bar on the inside of the left foot. Lift up the left leg into the air and then bring it back down. The bar actually adds a little weight, because if you’re toning a muscle you always require some sort of resistance. However, if you do not have a bar you can do the same movements without it. Now turn on the other side and do the same. Work each leg 30-40 times.

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Effective Workouts For Toning


Lunges are simple to do but have dramatic effects when you do them correctly. If you’re new to workouts, you may find them to be a bit difficult at first, but just a few of these, every single day can really tone up the thighs, legs and hamstrings. To take the lunge position, sit down on one knee while your other knee is bending forward.


Keep your hands in a boxer position. Go back to standing position then again lunge forward with one knee touching the ground and other leg bent forward. Alternate the legs and always lunge with a certain force. When you’re lunging see that the knee of the bent leg does not cross the toes, it should be parallel to the legs.

Gate Swinging

This workout is a good starter for more targeted workouts and it helps to tone the inner and the outer thighs as well. Put your hands at the back of your head and stand on your left leg. Bend your right leg, raise it above the floor and swing it left and right. Ensure that while swinging, the leg crosses your body and your left leg should not touch the ground. Repeat standing on the right leg and swinging your left leg. Do a set of 10 on each leg.

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