Effective Ways To Stay Healthy By Taking Care Of Eating Habits


Effective Ways To Stay Healthy By Taking Care Of Eating Habits

Of course all of us are pretty tired of hearing about almost every health tip out there. From tips on dieting, yoga and exercising to ideas on lifestyle changes and weight management, almost every single person we meet tends to give us some advice or the other with regards to healthy living.

While we tend to incorporate all these tips into our daily regime, there are some minor issues that we tend to neglect from time to time. And it is these issues that pose greater risks to our health in the long run. Here are a couple of those mistakes that we usually tend to neglect.

Effective Ways To Stay Healthy By Taking Care Of Eating Habits

Use Of Stored, Frozen Ingredients

With changing times, more individuals are turning towards processed and pre-prepared foods. While this may be considered timely, they are nowhere near in terms of efficiency to freshly cooked foods made of natural ingredients.

Processed and pre-prepared foods contain plenty of artificial salts, sugars and other additives, all of which can affect our health adversely. It is always considered best to opt for natural, fresh ingredients when cooking foods and to eat them as and when they are served instead of storing them in the freezer and then reheating them again at a later point of time.

Cutting Out Certain Food Groups

Many individuals tend to cut out certain food groups completely in order to stay fit. Although this may help them achieve their purpose for the time being, with time, their body will start to feel the brunt of losing out on all those essential nutrients.

So instead of skipping out on fats and carbs during meals, take a cue from the Mediterranean diet which promotes moderate amounts of all kinds of foods, including those that contain carbs (good ones), and fats (the monounsaturated varieties).

Just like the Mediterranean diet implies, make it a point to include all kinds of foods in your diet. The trick here lies not in what you eat but how much you eat. So choose all kinds of healthy foods and eat them in moderation to stay fit without compromising on essential nutrients.

Couch Dining

This term is used to indicate the process of eating meals while watching TV. If your eyes are fixed to the TV screen while eating, there is no count of how much you could, and will eat each time you sit in front of the idiot box. Alternatively, you can opt to sit in groups or with the rest of the family members in addition to opting for long meals that would make you eat less, become full faster and enjoy your meal to the core.

Stuffing Yourself

No matter how tantalizing the dish may look, don’t stuff yourself until you are ready to burst. Rather, stop eating as and when you feel your stomach is about 70-80% full. And this you can achieve by eating slowly instead of digging into your food the moment you see it. Eating slowly can also help you reduce your appetite and avoid overeating or bingeing.

Not Sleeping Enough

Nope! We are not talking about those hour long naps that you take immediately after meals. Rather, we are talking about power naps, like an afternoon siesta that can help you reduce weight, become active, reduce stress and increase your life span by about 30%.

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