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How to Get Thicker Hair — 11 Tips For Making Hair Look Thicker

No one desires skinny, flat, limp hair, so we get why you are a little resentful while you run into that girl with the impossibly thick and bountiful strands. Well, that may be you, too. Just observe the following tips and tips instantly from the professionals and Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab scientists to get the entire, luscious hair of your goals.

1. Pick a thickening shampoo and conditioner

If you do not want to check out dear extensions or experiment with dietary supplements, there is all the time the tried-and-true manner of volumizing: choosing a thickening or volumizing shampoo and conditioner. “I prefer to go with the work-with-what-you-have approach by using hair products and styling tools to create volume, thickness, and texture,” says Devin Toth, superstar stylist at Salon SCK.

“Shampoos and conditioners categorised volumizing or thickening most often include fewer conditioning substances, in order that they don’t weigh hair down,” says GH Beauty Lab Chemist Danusia Wnek. They’re a just right basis (however now not a alternative) for stylers; use the matching shampoo and conditioner set for easiest effects. Try the GH Beauty Lab’s volumizing and thickening shampoo and conditioner take a look at winners, under.

2. Cut hair at your shoulders or above

Though “longer hair” and “thicker hair” are occasionally used interchangeably, in fact, they are completely other. “If you may have skinny hair, go for a reduce this is brief to medium period,” advises Nick Penna, proprietor and lead stylist of SalonCapri.

“Often thin or fine hair that’s very long can look stringy and even thinner since it’s weighed down by the length.” Searching for the easiest reduce on your skinny hair? Think blunt cuts: we’ve got were given 3 lengthy bobs that can paintings wonders.

3. Use your dry shampoo in an entire new method

Dry shampoo is among the attractiveness global’s fashionable miracles, however it does greater than make your grimy locks glance blank. Spraying slightly of dry shampoo alongside your roots can come up with an immediate spice up of quantity.

“Dry shampoo often contains powders like starches and minerals to increase the friction between strands and absorb oil, which creates volume,” Wnek says. The GH Beauty Lab suggests checking out the Bumble and bumble. Prête-à-powder, a winner in their dry shampoos take a look at for giving hair all-day quantity.

4. Invest in high quality extensions

When carried out by way of a professional, hair extensions are an efficient, natural-looking technique to make your hair seem thicker — so long as you move to a seasoned stylist who has numerous revel in with extensions, in fact. But you have to observe that there is one large catch: the associated fee tag. According to the mavens at Angie’s List, a collection of extensions, particularly the ones manufactured from human hair, can price you any place from $275 to $1,400.

5. Keep your hair wholesome

This turns out like a given, however getting great-looking hair is just about not possible if you end up repeatedly harmful it. “If women want thicker-looking hair, they should minimize the use of heat styling tools and refrain from using too much conditioner in the shower,” Toth says.

Taking precautions like the usage of warmth protectant spray and now not over-washing your hair can lend a hand it glance thicker and more potent over the years, too, by way of minimizing breakage and hair loss. And lay off the super-tight hairstyles and warmth equipment as steadily as conceivable!

6. Strategically tease your hair


Little Wonder Teasing Comb

Teasing your hair does not have to show you right into a full-on 1980s rockstar. If your locks have a tendency to fall flat, use a thin or rattail comb to softly tease it on the roots everywhere, giving the semblance of extra quantity.

A extra centered way: Back-comb close to the roots with a comb the place you wish to have top (like on the crown), then comb over hair to easy, suggests Bridget Brager, a celeb hairstylist in Los Angeles. This will give your hair great oomph on the roots with out that telltale teased glance or rattiness.

7. Add volumizing styling merchandise in your routine

Starting your taste with volumizing or thickening merchandise can move some distance towards making your hair glance fuller, rapid. Leave-in thickening and volumizing sprays, mousses, serums and gels are used on — and “left in” — damp hair and supply extra fullness spice up in comparison to shampoos and conditioners.

“They coat hair to make it really feel thicker and provides it grip that can assist you manipulate strands right into a voluminous glance,” Wnek explains. See the GH Beauty Lab’s volumizing and thickening spray take a look at winners under for among the finest choices.

Another to styling support check out: root lifting spray. “Hair flat to the head always looks more thinner than hair that is lifted at the root,” Penna explains. “Women can use a root lifter to give their hair bounce and volume right at the start of the hair shaft.”

8. Ask your stylist for highlights

If you might be open to coloring your hair, including a couple of foils into the combination might be find out how to move. “Highlighting hair provides the glance of intensity to strands,” Penna says. “It gives your mane dimension, which creates the illusion of fuller locks instead of flat, single-toned hair.” Talk in your stylist about probably the most flattering highlights on your face, or deliver a photograph of a method you already love in your session.

9. Use a ceramic brush while you blow dry

Using the fitting post-shower equipment too can make a distinction in serving to your hair seem thicker and extra bouncy. “I like to use a ceramic barrel brush to build volume during a blowout,” Toth says.

Instead of blowing downward in your roots together with your hair dryer, be sure you’re getting the comb underneath your roots and lifting upward as you blow dry. A spherical brush is tremendous useful for this. Not certain which brush is which? Check out our at hand hair brush information.

10. “Color in” your scalp

The extra of your scalp you’ll see, the thinner your hair will seem. Fill it in slightly with eyeshadow or a coloring spray, like Bumble and bumble Hair Powder. Hold it out about 10 inches out of your scalp and spray it onto your roots. Seconds later, voila! No extra roots.

Brunettes, for those who already use dry shampoo, check out swapping out the standard white spray for a brown-tinted hue, like DryBar’s Detox Dry Shampoo For Brunettes. It provides quantity whilst giving the scalp a depressing tint.


Betsy Farrell

11. Start taking dietary supplements that receive advantages your hair

The cabinets are packed nutrients and dietary supplements claiming to stimulate hair enlargement, however a Rx is your easiest wager for one thing that in point of fact works. “Female-patterned hair thinning is related to our hormones and the sensitivity of the hair follicles to the hormones,” explains New York City dermatologist Hadley King, M.D. “Hormonal prescription medications such as some oral contraceptives and spironolactone can be very effective in making hair thicker.”

12. Consider a dermatologist consult with

One in 4 American ladies studies thinning hair — and that doesn’t rely the ones born with wispy or sparse strands. For critical thinning hair or hair loss, a consultation with a dermatologist (in addition they concentrate on hair) is also wanted.

“Hair that’s naturally thin in diameter [fine] or sparse is genetic,” says Joyce Davis, M.D., a dermatologist in New York City. “Hair loss is often hereditary (or androgenic) thinning, which tends to be patchy.” Another commonplace kind is telogen effluvium (TE), or allover dropping because of hormones or well being problems equivalent to thyroid or autoimmune illness and anemia.

With TE, hair in most cases grows again as soon as the issue is handled; see a document for prognosis. For androgenic loss, the OTC topical minoxidil is confirmed to develop hair with endured use. For every kind, PRP (platelet-rich plasma), a brand new dermatologist’s-office remedy, stimulates enlargement with scalp injections of your blood’s enlargement components, Dr. Davis says.

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