How to Perform Baby Mundan Sanskar (Head Tonsure Ceremony)

Baby Mundan Ceremony: Procedure, Precautions & Tips

The mundan or head-shaving rite for youngsters has been part of the Indian tradition for a few years. It is likely one of the conventional rituals adopted in Hindu tradition and has a large number of hidden references and importance connected to its life. The mundan rite is regularly considered an important a part of a kid’s rising years, and therefore, it’s given a large number of idea and energy and is finished with the maximum care.

What Is Mundan Ceremony For Babies And Kids?

The child mundan rite or “mundan sanskar” is a well-liked conventional ritual in India this is performed with auspicious ideals. The Hindu mundan rite is a ritual the place a kid’s hair is totally shaved off and given as an providing to the Gods.

Indian Cultural Beliefs Behind Baby Mundan Ceremony:

In the Hindu tradition, it’s strongly believed that shaving a kid’s first complete head of hair purifies the kid and rids him/her of any evil eye or evil presence.

There are various different ideals at the back of this tradition too. Read on to understand extra.

  • It is helping in retaining the kid’s frame and head cool, particularly throughout summer time.
  • It purifies the soul and frame of the kid.
  • When kids are teething, they generally tend to be afflicted by complications. The shaving ritual is thought to cut back this ache.
  • It is thought that hair expansion improves after tonsuring resulting in more healthy hair.
  • It blesses the kid with lengthy existence and just right well being.
  • It removes any previous existence karma or negativity.

When Is Mundan/Head Tonsure Done?

For the mundan rite, the kid’s age in most cases varies between 1-Three years of age (it’s most commonly executed when the kid is 7, nine or 11 months previous), however some other people like to do it at a later age as effectively. For this rite, the kid has to have the primary expansion of hair.

Mundan Ceremony Guarantees Better Hair Growth – Myth Or Fact?

That proven fact that shaving the primary hair promises higher expansion has a just right quantity of medical reasoning at the back of it. Hair expansion, typically, is somewhat scattered in small children, as a result of they’re nonetheless on the preliminary levels of building, and the method of soaking up vital vitamins for his or her expansion remains to be choosing up tempo.

When a child’s hair grows for the primary time, it’s not very sturdy. The hair follicles also are scattered. When the vulnerable hair is shaved off, there’s room for brand spanking new hair that has more potent hair follicles to develop out of the roots and the hair expansion trend is now not scattered or messy. Therefore, the infant’s hair expansion after mundan is indisputably higher, denser and more potent too.

The Mundan Sanskar Vidhi Or Mundan Ritual

  • A kid’s mundan is at all times executed at an auspicious date and time that relies on the infant’s date of beginning. The day is sometimes called the “mundan muhurat“, which is ready by means of a clergyman retaining various astrological and mythological elements in thoughts.
  • The priest units up a havan or pooja at the set date and time. The mom is seated in entrance of the holy pyre with the kid in her lap. While some households like to have fun the rite at domestic, others desire to visit a temple or shrine to do it.
  • The priest chants sacred hymns and shaves off part of the kid’s hair. The sacred hymn is often known as “mundan sanskar mantra“. These mantras are particularly written for this actual ritual.
  • The remainder of the hair is shaved off by means of a barber with utmost care.
  • The kid’s head is then washed with holy water given by means of the priest, which is often known as “Gangaajal“. The water is thought to assist in soothing and therapeutic the top.
  • Finally, the shaved off hair is obtainable to the Gods or is given away by means of different method, whichever is recommended by means of the priest.

Tips And Precautions For A Safe Mundan

This rite is a dangerous one and needs to be executed with sure precautions in thoughts. Here are a couple of essential belongings you should care for earlier than your kid’s mundan rite.

  • The kid should be well-fed and rested. This is as a result of kids are in most cases cranky or stressed or even the slightest flawed transfer may just motive them damage.
  • The barber should be a certified person who has had previous revel in running with kids. Also, his apparatus should be blank and sterilised as you don’t need your kid to catch any infections.
  • Giving the kid a pleasant, heat bathtub after the rite is a good suggestion. Many occasions, tiny strands or items of hair would possibly get caught at the pores and skin or be left at the head. If they don’t seem to be got rid of, they may input the kid’s eyes, nostril and mouth, or motive rashes at the pores and skin. Also, a tub will wash off any filth that would possibly have settled at the head, particularly if the rite used to be executed open air.

  • Since the infant’s head is available in touch with a blade or steel for the primary time, he/she would possibly have an allergy. Babies have subtle pores and skin, so it’s higher to use an antiseptic or a home-made ayurvedic paste to assist the outside heal quicker and to keep away from rashes. Most other people follow a relaxing turmeric or sandalwood paste at the scalp of the kid after the mundan rite.


The mundan rite has a large number of worth and that means connected to it, which is why many households even as of late proceed to make it part of their traditions. Apart from the non secular causes, this tradition does have its personal advantages and benefits for the kid. Just make sure that you apply the entire vital steps and precautions to make the mundan rite a protected and noteworthy instance for the circle of relatives.

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