10 Exciting Stories about Akbar Birbal for Kids with Morals

best akbar and birbal short stories with morals for kids

Children love to hear tales; particularly ones that tickle their humorous bone! Most people grew up taking note of the well-known tales of the good king Akbar and one in all his wittiest courtesans, Birbal. These tales no longer handiest amused us, however additionally they taught us concerning the essential virtues of lifestyles as a result of those tales imparted us with a treasured ethical on the finish. If you want to educate some just right values on your kid thru story-telling, you’ll be able to take a look at narrating one of the most following Akbar-Birbal tales.

Witty and Funny Akbar and Birbal Stories

Birbal was once no longer handiest recognized for his exceptional wit, but in addition for his impeccable presence of thoughts and intelligence. Here are some well-known witty and brief humorous tales of Akbar and Birbal tales that can amuse your kiddo to the core:

1. The Crows in The Kingdom

Once on a advantageous sunny day, king Akbar and Birbal have been taking a leisurely stroll within the palace gardens. Suddenly, king Akbar considered checking out Birbal’s wits by way of asking him a difficult query. Emperor requested Birbal, “How many crows are there in our kingdom?” Birbal may sense the amusement within the king’s voice, and inside of a couple of mins Birbal spoke back, “My king, there are eighty thousand nine hundred and seventy-one crows in our kingdom”. Surprised and amazed, Akbar additional examined Birbal, “What if we have more crows than this?” Without giving a lot idea, Birbal spoke back, “Oh, then the crows from the other kingdoms must be visiting us’’. “ What if there are lesser crows, asked Akbar?” “Well, then some of our crows must be visiting other kingdoms”, spoke back Birbal with a smile on his face. Akbar smiled at Birbal’s nice sense of humour and wit.


There is all the time an answer if one thinks comfortably.

2. Birbal’s Khichadi

Once on a chilly iciness day, Akbar and Birbal have been passing throughout a lake. Akbar stopped and put his finger into the freezing water and instantly took it out announcing, “I don’t think anyone can sustain a night in this cold water”. Birbal took that as a problem and mentioned that he would in finding anyone who can accomplish that. Akbar promised a sum of 1000 gold cash to whoever may spend an evening status within the chilly water of the lake. Soon, Birbal discovered a deficient guy who agreed to adopt the problem for the 1000 gold cash. Guarded by way of two royal guards, the deficient guy spent all the night time status within the freezing water. In the morning, the deficient guy was once taken to court docket for the praise. On being requested by way of the king how he may stand in freezing water, the person spoke back, “My lord, I kept looking at a lamp that was burning at a distance, and spent my entire night looking at it”. On finding out this, the emperor mentioned, “This man is not worthy of the reward as he could manage to stand in the lake because he was getting warmth from the lamp”. The deficient guy felt doomed and heart-broken, and he reached Birbal for assist. Birbal didn’t cross to the court docket the next day to come. Akbar visited Birbal to seek out the rationale. To his amusement, the king discovered Birbal sitting beside the hearth with a pot striking virtually 6 ft above it. On being enquired, Birbal mentioned, “I am cooking khichadi, my lord”. Akbar began guffawing and mentioned that was once unattainable. Birbal mentioned, “It is possible my king- if a poor man can stay warm by simply looking at the lamp burning at a distance, I can cook this khichadi the same way.” Akbar understood Birbal’s level, and rewarded the deficient guy for the problem.


Hope can encourage other people to paintings onerous.

3. The Foolish Thief

Once upon a time, a wealthy service provider was once robbed in king Akbar’s kingdom. The grief-stricken service provider went to the court docket and requested for assist. Akbar requested Birbal to assist the service provider in finding the robber. The service provider advised Birbal that he suspected one in all his servants. On getting the trace from the service provider, Birbal summoned all of the servants and advised them to face in a immediately line. When requested concerning the theft, everybody denied doing it, as anticipated. Birbal then passed over one stick of the similar duration, to every one in all them. While dispersing, Birbal mentioned, “By tomorrow, the robber’s stick will increase by two inches”. The subsequent day when Birbal summoned everybody and inspected their sticks, one servant’s stick was once shorter by way of two inches. On being requested by way of the service provider concerning the thriller of discovering the actual thief, Birbal mentioned, “It was simple: the thief had cut his stick by two inches, fearing that it would increase in size”.


Truth all the time prevails.

4. Wise Birbal

Once upon a time, king Akbar misplaced a hoop that was once very treasured to him. This ring was once a present from his father, and shedding it made the king very unhappy. Akbar summoned Birbal and asked him to seek out the hoop. The court docket was once filled with courtiers. Birbal introduced, “My great king, the ring is right here in the courtroom, and the one who has the ring has a straw stuck in his beard.” Everyone began having a look at every different, and one of the crucial courtiers began touching his beard to seek out the straw. Birbal known as the guards and requested them to look the suspect. On looking out the suspect, the hoop was once retrieved. Akbar was once amazed at how Birbal controlled to seek out the hoop. Birbal mentioned, “My king, the one who is guilty will always feel scared”.


The responsible moral sense wishes no accusation.

5. The Farmer’s Well

Once upon a time, a artful guy offered his smartly to a farmer. The subsequent day, when the farmer went to the smartly to fetch some water, the person refused him announcing that he handiest offered the smartly and no longer its water. The farmer didn’t know what to do, and with a tragic coronary heart, he went to Akbar’s court docket. Birbal was once advised to deal with the case. The following day, the person who offered the smartly along side the farmer was once known as to the court docket. The artful guy made the similar remark – he had offered his smartly, no longer the water in it. On finding out this, Birbal mentioned, “My friend, in that case, you either remove your water from the well or pay tax for your water because it is the farmer’s well”. The guy realised his mistake and requested for forgiveness as he felt helpless and outwitted.


If you cheat, you’ll pay to your deeds.

akbar and birbal

Stories That Display Birbal’s intelligence

Birbal’s intelligence was once unrivaled, and one of the most following Akbar and Birbal tales for youngsters will testify the similar:

1. The Pot of Wit

Once upon a time, king Akbar were given so mad at mad at Birbal that he advised Birbal to go away the dominion and cross away. Heartbroken, Birbal left the dominion and took shelter at a farmer’s space in a close-by village. Birbal spent his days operating on the farm. As time handed, king Akbar began lacking his favorite courtier. One day, Akbar made up our minds to ship throughout his royal guards to seek out Birbal. The guards seemed for Birbal in all instructions, however all their efforts went to waste. Akbar considered a trick to seek out Birbal – he made a statement that whoever were given him a pot filled with wit could be given a pot full of diamonds. The information reached all of the within sight villages, and to Birbal as smartly. The villagers held a gathering to make a decision methods to clear up the king’s thriller. Birbal presented to assist, mentioning that he wishes a month’s time. Birbal took a pot and put a small watermelon in it with out chopping it from its vines. After a month, the watermelon grew as much as the dimensions of the pot. This pot was once despatched to the king, and he was once advised that the wit might be got rid of from the pot with out breaking it. Akbar knew that it might be nobody else however Birbal. Akbar got here to take Birbal again to his court docket.


Haste makes waste, assume onerous as a result of there’s a technique to each drawback.

2. Just One Question

The stories of Birbal’s extraordinary wit and knowledge had reached far off lands too. Once a student visited Akbar’s court docket with the considered difficult Birbal’s intelligence. The student advised the king that he’s the neatest or even Birbal would no longer have the ability to resolution his questions. Akbar known as Birbal to the court docket and advised him what the student claimed. Birbal authorised the problem that the student had posed for him. The student requested Birbal, “Do you want to answer a hundred easy questions or one difficult question?” Birbal mentioned that he sought after to respond to the tricky one. The student mentioned, “Tell me Birbal, what came first, the chicken or the egg?” Birbal idea for some time and mentioned, “Chicken came first”. The student mocked Birbal and mentioned, “How can you be sure?”Birbal instantly spoke back, “I had only promised to answer one question, and therefore, I will not reply”. The student felt ashamed of his declare and left with a heavy coronary heart.


Presence of thoughts is helping clear up even the trickiest of issues.

3. The Hens and The Rooster

Once king Akbar considered taking part in a trick on his favorite minister, Birbal. He confided in all different ministers and shared his plan with them. As consistent with the plan, all of the ministers needed to elevate an egg every day after today, hidden within their gowns. The subsequent day, Akbar advised his courtiers that he had a dream – in line with it, if the ministers fetch an egg every from the royal pond, it’s going to end up their loyalty against the king. After narrating his dream, Akbar requested all his ministers to do the similar and display him their loyalty. As deliberate, all of the ministers pretended to search for the eggs, and inside of no time they all returned an egg every that was once already hidden within their gowns. Birbal saved on the lookout for the egg, however couldn’t in finding any. When Birbal reached empty passed, everybody sneered at him, and so they have been smiling at every different. Birbal may gauge all the state of affairs and went as much as the king and made the loud rooster-sounds. On being requested by way of the king why he did so, Birbal spoke back, “My king, I am not a hen, and therefore, I could not fetch you any eggs but I am a rooster, and this is what I can do best”. Listening to this, everybody burst right into a hearty snicker.


Self-confidence is helping in coping with tricky eventualities.

4. Who Is the King

Once Birbal was once despatched as an envoy to any other kingdom. The king of that kingdom had additionally heard tales about Birbal’s sharp mind and sought after to check the similar. The king made all his ministers get dressed up like him, and so they all sat in a line to check Birbal. When Birbal entered the court, he was once amazed to peer everybody wearing similar garments and sitting on a identical roughly throne. Perplexed and puzzled, Birbal took few moments to watch everybody after which went as much as one in all them and bowed in entrance of him. It was once the king himself, and he was once shocked past phrases. He stood up and hugged Birbal and in addition requested him how he may wager so. Birbal smiled and replied, “My lord, the kind of confidence you exuded, no one else did, and they also kept looking at you for approval”. The king felt amused and praised Birbal for his unrivaled mind and presence of thoughts.


Intelligent other people can comprehend a really perfect deal thru remark.

5. Gold Coin and Justice

Just like every other day in king Akbar’s court docket, as soon as Akbar requested Birbal, “My dear Birbal, if I tell you to choose between justice and a gold coin, what will you choose?” Without taking lengthy to respond to, Birbal spoke back, “My lord, I will choose a gold coin, without a doubt”. Everyone together with king Akbar was once aghast at Birbal’s speedy answer and idea that this time Birbal had fumbled, for as soon as. King Akbar mentioned, “I am very disappointed in you. Why would you choose something of lesser value like a gold coin over something as valuable as justice?” Birbal spoke back with a smile on his face, “My kind king, there is no dearth of justice because there is justice everywhere in your kingdom. I felt no need to ask something that I have in abundance but my lord, I surely fall short of money, and a gold coin would be nice”. Listening to this answer, Akbar was once speechless, however he had a large smile on his face. He felt delighted with the answer and rewarded Birbal with 100 gold cash.


One must select one’s phrases correctly.

We are certain that you just favored all of the above tales as they aren’t handiest full of humour, however even have a lesson to show on your little munchkins. Make a bedtime story-telling regimen together with your kiddo and narrate those glorious Akbar-Birbal tales on your kid. Enjoy!

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