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5 Common Eyelash Curler Mistakes — Tips for How to Use an Eyelash Curler

Curling your eyelashes is likely one of the tried-and-true small secrets and techniques that makes a giant distinction in the way in which your face and make-up seems to be in virtually no time. Your lashes will right away seem longer and fuller for the reason that bend pushes them up and fanatics them out, which additionally makes your eyes glance extra open, wakeful, and outlined.

But those advantages are handiest conceivable in the event you curl your lashes accurately— and steer clear of making any of those errors (which may also harm them!).

1. You curl your lashes after making use of mascara.

Not handiest does this make your eyelash roller additional gunky, it will possibly additionally hurt your lashes. Mascara coats your lashes, then dries, making the hairs more difficult and not more versatile. Curling lashes when they are in a stiff state can make them wreck and even pull them out in the event that they get caught on mascara that isn’t completely dry at the roller.

How to mend it: Instead, all the time curl your lashes prior to making use of mascara, and ensure your earlier day’s mascara is off your eyes utterly — otherwise you chance having your lashes persist with your roller, probably tearing them out.

2. You’re clamping down too laborious.

If you wish to have to have lengthy, wholesome lashes, practice handiest mild power when curling them. Pressing down too strongly can’t handiest give your lashes an unwanted 90-degree perspective bend somewhat than a practical curve, it will possibly additionally wreck your lashes.

How to mend it: Bring the roller with reference to the bottom of your lashes, ensuring that it isn’t touching the eyelid pores and skin. Squeeze frivolously for a few seconds, then liberate, transferring the roller to the middle of your lashes’ duration, then squeeze once more. Repeat in opposition to the top of your lashes (this guarantees you are getting a pleasant sluggish curl somewhat than a harsh bend).

Bonus tip: If you are scared of clamping your lashes in a standard steel lash roller or have quick eyelashes which can be tough to clamp within a roller, you might have considered trying to check out a heated eyelash roller. In Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab critiques, testers love heated lash curlers for his or her ease of use, regardless that the curling energy is not as robust.

      3. You by no means blank your lash roller.

      Even if you are all the time curling your lashes prior to making use of mascara, there is a likelihood that eyeliner, eyeshadow, micro organism, and lifeless pores and skin cells can gather on it, which may make it much less efficient— or now not efficient in any respect.

      How to mend it: Once every week (or as wanted), pour a small quantity of rubbing alcohol onto a cotton pad and wipe it all over the place your eyelash roller to de-gunk it. Make certain the roller is completely dried prior to the usage of it.

      4. You by no means change the pad.

      Over time, the small pad within your eyelash roller can get grimy, break up, or crack, so your roller would possibly not paintings as properly. Plus, in the event you put on down the pad, which is there to offer protection to your lashes, you chance harming them with the roller’s uncovered steel.

      How to mend it: Swap in a brand new one each and every few months or while you understand that it has amassed filth or turn into cracked or broken. Some curlers include substitute pads. If now not, you’ll continuously acquire them from the logo.

      5. You’re purchasing low-quality curlers.

      You need an eyelash roller that curls successfully with out harming your refined lashes, so the standard counts. “It truly makes a distinction to spend money on a well-made eyelash roller,” explains Laramie, a make-up artist in New York City and Los Angeles. “I recommend the versions from Kevyn Aucoin, Shu Uemura, or Bobbi Brown.”

      How to mend it: The GH Beauty Lab choices for best possible eyelash curlers under (together with an inexpensive less-than-$Five possibility!) briefly and successfully curl lashes of all lengths on numerous eye shapes.

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