Avon’s Skin So Soft: Not Just a Bath Oil!

Did you understand that AVON’s Skin-So-Soft Bath Oil is greater than only a bathtub oil? Just have a look at the listing of makes use of we now have discovered, “tried and true”!!

1. It’s a bathtub oil.

2. It’s an after bathe moisturizer.

3. It can be utilized to take away make-up.

4. It’s a suntan oil (no longer a sunscreen, alternatively).

5. Pour a bit within the water of your foot saver to assist moisturize your ft whilst you calm down them.

6. It’s a sizzling oil remedy to melt nails.

7. It’s a excellent therapeutic massage oil for the ones overworked, sore muscle groups.

8. It’s a excellent insect repellent for other people and their pets (as really helpful in Outdoor Life and Field and Stream magazines, plus “Dear Abby”).

9. It is helping relieve itching led to by means of insect bites and dry pores and skin.

10. Sponge it on display and round doorways and home windows to stay crawling insects, in addition to, flies and mosquitoes out.

11. It’s a excellent wooden cleaner, conditioner and varnish for herbal wooden. (Cuts grease and dust from kitchen cupboards very easily).

12. It eliminates chewing gum from hair, pores and skin, and maximum nonporous


13. It eliminates glue and gum left from value tags and labels

from glass, steel and maximum plastics.

14. It cleans tape marks left by means of bandages from pores and skin.

15. It cleans ink from pores and skin and maximum vinyl and painted surfaces.

16. It gently cleans heavy grease and oil from pores and skin and nonporous


17. It eliminates cleaning soap scum from bathe doorways, bathe curtains, home windows, and toilet and kitchen fixtures.

18. It eliminates lime and difficult water deposits from home windows, fixtures, bathe doorways and tile.

19. It eliminates tar spots from automobile finishes with out harmful paint end.

20. It’s an oil lubricant for becoming pipe joints that may not slip in combination as simply as they used to.

21. It eliminates paint and stain from pores and skin — a lot gentler than turpentine!

22. It cleans paint brushes simply, and leaves them as comfortable as new.

23. It eliminates gum from carpet.

24. It cuts grease and dust from vary hoods.

25. It eliminates candle wax from furnishings, carpeting, and clothes.

26. It eliminates scuff marks from patent leather-based footwear.

27. It eliminates Liquid Nail (paneling glue).

28. Two glass bowls or glasses caught in combination? Drizzle a bit SSS down the perimeters and they’re going to come aside simply — no breakage!

29. It eliminates “ring around the collar”.

30. Wipe down vinyl surfaces within your automobile to keep the vinyl. This article firstly seemed within the June 2000 factor of Jet Aviation’s Flight Attendant News.

Source by means of Matthew Keegan


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