Bible Baby Names and Meanings

Finding the easiest identify in your kid is an important job. After all, that is what they’ll be known as for the remainder of their lives. Even the Bible says in Proverbs 22:1 “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.”

Speaking of the Bible, the nice guide is a smart position to seek out gorgeous Bible child names which might be filled with which means. And because the which means is the most important a part of opting for a reputation, listed below are some nice Bible child names and their meanings.

Girls Bible child names:

Abigail was once King David’s spouse. It way ‘father’s pleasure’.

Bethany was once where the place Lazarus, Mary, and Martha lived. It way ‘area of figs’.

Beulah way ‘the married one’. It could also be a spot and is used to check with heaven.

Candace was once an impressive queen of Ethiopia. It way ‘good, white, or readability’.

Deborah was once a powerful prophetess who helped to win the most important struggle. The identify way ‘bee’.

Delilah was once Samson’s lover who betrayed him to the Philistines. It way ‘subtle’.

Dinah was once Jacob’s most effective named daughter. It way ‘judgment’.

Elizabeth was once John the Baptist’s mom and cousin to Mary, the mum of Jesus. It way ‘consecrated to God.

Esther was once a queen who stored the Hebrew folks from mass slaughter. It way ‘a celeb’.

Eve was once the primary girl ever created. It way ‘existence giver’.

Hannah begged God for a son and he gave her Samuel, the nice prophet. It way ‘grace of God’.

Leah way ‘gentle of the solar’. Leah was once Jacob’s first spouse.

Lydia was once one of the crucial Apostle Paul’s converts. It could also be the identify of a spot in Asia minor. The identify way ‘from Lydia’.

Mary way ‘sour or sea of sorrow’. It is maximum regularly related to the mum of Jesus Christ.

Naomi was once Ruth’s better half’s mother. Naomi way ‘delightful’.

Rachel was once the favourite spouse of Jacob and Joseph’s mom. It way ‘a ewe’.

Rebekah was once Isaac’s spouse. This identify way ‘a knotted twine’.

Ruth was once the daughter-in-law of Naomi and the spouse of Boaz. An complete guide of the Bible is devoted to her tale. Ruth way ‘spouse’.

Sarah was once Abraham’s spouse. Her identify way ‘princess’.

Boys Bible child names:

Aaron was once Moses’ brother. It way ‘exalted’.

Adam was once the primary guy created by way of God. It way ‘pink earth’.

Andrew was once certainly one of Jesus’ disciples. It way ‘manly, brave’.

Caleb way ‘faithful one’. He was once a kind of despatched to scout out the Promised Land.

Daniel way ‘God is my pass judgement on’. He stayed true to God even if threatened with dying in a lion’s den.

David was once most likely probably the most well-known king of Israel. He is described within the Bible as a person after God’s personal center. David way ‘liked’.

Ethan is a person is the Old Testament whose identify way ‘company, steadfast’.

Ezra was once a prophet. His identify way ‘the helper’.

Gabriel way ‘God is my energy’ and is certainly one of God’s most sensible angels.

Gideon way ‘a mighty warrior’. He helped ship the Israelites from the Midians.

Isaac was once the promised miracle kid of Abraham and Sarah. The identify way ‘laughter’ as a result of Sarah laughed when she heard the angels inform Abraham that she would have a son in her outdated age.

Jacob was once the more youthful dual son of Isaac. He got here out protecting Esau’s heel, so it way ‘holder of the heel’.

Jesse was once the daddy of King David. His identify way ‘God’s reward’.

Joel was once a minor prophet within the Old Testament. His identify way ‘the Lord is God’.

Jonah was once the runaway prophet who warned the folks of Ninevah about God’s anger and coming judgment. It way ‘a person of peace’.

Joseph was once the well-liked son of Jacob. Another was once Jesus’ followed father. It way ‘God will building up’.

Joshua way ‘God is salvation’. He led the Israelites into the Promised Land.

Luke was once certainly one of Jesus’ disciples and a physician. It way ‘from Lucania’.

Mark was once every other one of the crucial 12 disciples. It way ‘from Mars’.

Matthew way ‘a present from God’. He was once one of the crucial disciples and wrote the primary guide of the New Testament.

Micah was once a minor prophet within the Old Testament. It way ‘humble’.

Michael is without doubt one of the archangels of the Lord. It way ‘just like the Lord’.

Nathan was once the prophet who gave King David God’s message. It way ‘reward of God’.

Paul was once a Pharisee who was once transformed by way of Jesus at the Damascus street. It way ‘small’.

Peter was once the feistiest of the disciples. His identify way ‘a stone or rock’.

Philip was once a prophet who helped the Ethiopian eunuch get stored. It way ‘lover of horses’.

Samuel way requested of God. He was once a super prophet within the Old Testament.

Seth was once the 3rd son of Adam and Eve. His identify way ‘the appointed one’.

Stephen was once a follower of Christ who was once stoned to dying. His identify way ‘a crown’.

Timothy was once Paul’s assistant. His identify way ‘to honor God’.

Zacharias was once John the Baptist’s father. His identify way ‘remembered by way of the Lord’.

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