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Causes Of Stomach Pain While Urinating

Stones in the bladder

It isn’t just right to revel in any more or less ache within the frame as it should represent a illness or hassle in any frame phase. Many other people revel in ache of their abdomen and belly area after they urinate and this ache would possibly or is probably not accompanied with an itching and burning sensation close to the urethra’s opening. This more or less a abdomen ache will also be cured in some ways, relying at the severity of the issue.

However, with the intention to deal with an individual from any such abdomen ache which happens whilst urinating, you will need to to know the explanation at the back of it in order that the basis reason will also be identified and handled on the earliest.

Reasons For Stomach Pain While Urinating

Urinary Tract Infection

The kidney, ureters, urethra and the bladder in combination shape the urinary tract in a human frame. If an an infection happens in any a part of this tract, it’s referred to as a urinary tract an infection. This an infection takes position when bacterial cells input our frame during the urethra, build up in numbers and succeed in the bladder.

Urinary Tract Infection


An individual affected by any such ache will revel in belly ache, urinate incessantly, cross small quantities of urine, display fever and tiredness. In order to regard the an infection, oral antibiotics must be eaten in order that the bacterial cells get destroyed and the individual will get cured.

Stones within the Bladder

Small, onerous plenty of fabrics discovered within the bladder are referred to as bladder stones. They happen when crystals shape within the urine because of partial emptying of urine from the bladder and the remainder of the urine will get concentrated within the bladder. There will also be many reasons for the unfinished emptying of urine.

Common signs of this downside are ache within the abdomen, painful and widespread urination and leakage of urine. This downside is in most cases handled via breaking apart the stones and taking away them with the assistance of a laser remedy or mechanical software, whilst surgical operation can be an choice.


The situation which impacts the urethra is referred to as urethritis. The tube which is helping the urine to go back and forth during the bladder and get expelled out of the frame is referred to as urethra. If the urethra will get inflamed, it should change into infected and irritable, leading to urethritis.



The male urethra additionally carries semen via it. The signs of this illness are a sense of tenderness and ache within the penis, ache within the abdomen, urgency to urinate and ache right through urination. This downside will also be cured via taking prescribed oral antibiotics.


When the prostate gland studies irritation, the situation is referred to as Prostatitis. This is relatively commonplace in men and is regularly led to because of a serious an infection within the affected gland. This illness happens in males whose sexual companions have a vaginal an infection and switch this illness via intercourse.

It too can happen if small and infectious stones expand within the prostate gland, the individual maintains deficient hygiene or is going via any more or less surgical operation. Symptoms come with erectile disorder, abdomen ache, partial emptying of bladder and foul smell in urine. This downside will also be handled with the assistance of correct drugs.

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