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Dos And Don’ts For Acne-Prone Skin

Dos And Don'ts For Acne-Prone Skin

Acne is a widespread and chronic skin problem mostly found amongst the adolescents. The adult women experience a less tendency of this irritating skin problem.

Occurrence of acne is caused by bacteria infection in skin pores usually at the time they get blocked. The deceased skin cells assemblage with its natural oil clog up skin pore while bacteria become vigorous and infect that spot.

Things To Dos And Don’ts To Protect Your Acne Skin

Acne prone skin is influenced by numerous factors like hormone, foods, skin care item or caring method and above all an oily skin. Acne can not be cured but maintaining few guidelines, precautions and medicine can give a control over acne problem.

Grow Quality Habits

Plenty water consumption throughout the day is useful to remain aside of many health complications. You can make a good habit to take lemon mixed water preferably in morning that keep digestive system in order.

Plenty water consumption

Healthy digestive system makes a fair contribution to keep your skin lively and fresh.

Keep Skin Refreshed

Cleanliness as well as a refreshing skin is the primary need to get relief from acne problems. Hence, you need to keep your skin lively throughout the day.

Keep Skin Refreshed

Washing skin two to three times a day with cleansing and non-oily soap is important. Cleansers containing salicylic acid assist in drying of acne. Use of antibacterial soap is very useful.

Select Skin Care Wisely

Accurate skin care items contribute a lot for acne affected skin. It is recommended to use only oil-free moisturizing as it never blocks the pores. Though it is better to keep away from make up, nonetheless, an oil-free product can be used.

oil-free moisturizing

Apply sunscreen positively before exposure to direct sunlight and find just those sunscreens that do not clog pores. Natural care products can be utilized by those, having a dry skin. Keep in mind whatever skin care or beauty products you use, they need to be lusterless.

Acne medicines are to be applied on whole pimple area to destroy active microorganisms in the spot. Use on pimple only remains ineffective to wipe out bacteria.

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Be Distant from Bacteria

It has been researched that bacteria is the core problem to acne prone skin. Hence, try to be far-away from these microorganisms. Do change your pillowcase every night or wash regularly to minimize bacteria affect.

Be Distant from Bacteria

Try to avoid dirty, dusty or over polluted areas. While in outdoor, avoid touching your skin as far practicable to bypass bacteria transfer. Wash your towels, hanky on regular basis.

Things need to be Avoided

Squeezing pimples may increase infection and make worsen affect on skin by leaving awful marks on your face. Apart from that, pinching or pressing of pimple may result too dangerous. Avoid excess use of acne medication that leads to skin drying and restrict its application by 2-3 times a weak.

quality food habit

Avoiding fatty, oily or fried foods as well maintaining quality food habit is essential to get rid of acne. This also contributes to an overall healthy skin. Remember no self medication and consult your dermatologist for any acne or skin problem.


Routine consultancy with dermatologist is a prime issue. They can advice best guidelines in regard your acne prone skin or other skin related complications.

consultancy with dermatologist

Home therapy or domestically done natural treatment is always the best idea. Take your dermatologist’s suggestion on home treatment.

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