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Dry Skin on Face Causes, Treatments

There are few issues worse (beauty-wise!) than having dry, tough, flaking, itchy— or, ouch, cracked— pores and skin in your face. Not handiest can parched pores and skin glance unpleasant, even making your face seem older than it in reality is and make-up tricky to use, nevertheless it will also be itchy and painful and make your complexion vulnerable to different problems, corresponding to sensitivity and redness.

We requested most sensible pores and skin professionals, together with dermatologists and Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab scientists, for his or her supreme recommendation at the reasons of and coverings for dry pores and skin at the face.

What reasons dry, flaky pores and skin and dry patches at the face?

There is a laundry listing of conceivable culprits, from the elements and surroundings to positive merchandise and pores and skin prerequisites. “Lack of hydration in pores and skin makes your complexion uninteresting and accentuates wrinkles, and it’s much more likely to happen in iciness,” explains Jeanine Downie, M.D., a dermatologist at Image Dermatology in Montclair, New Jersey.

“Cold and windy prerequisites would possibly dehydrate your face because of loss of humidity within the surroundings, and dryness will also be brought about by means of frustrating merchandise that may strip herbal oils, like the ones with alcohol, astringents and cruel acids.” Other possible components prompting dry pores and skin at the face can come with over-cleansing or exfoliating, which will additionally burn up pores and skin’s oils, in addition to pores and skin and well being prerequisites that motive pores and skin dehydration, corresponding to atopic dermatitis (eczema), psoriasis, and diabetes.

How to regard dry pores and skin at the face

By making small way of life adjustments and choosing the proper skincare merchandise, you’ll prevent dry pores and skin and nix flaky patches in your face lovely temporarily. Here are dermatologist- and expert-approved techniques to hydrate parched pores and skin speedy:

1. Reach for a hydrating lotion or cream.

According to GH Beauty Labs checking out, “face creams and lotions are typically extra hydrating than oils, serums, and different formulation — and they are able to build up pores and skin’s moisture for hours,” says GH Beauty Lab Director Birnur Aral, Ph.D. Look for products with “humectants, corresponding to glycerin and hyaluronic acid, which will bind or hang directly to water successfully,” Aral says, and “components that lend a hand restore the surface barrier, corresponding to niacinamide and ceramides.”

Our most sensible select is Good Housekeeping Seal famous person Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. In our checks, it raised hydration by means of 50 p.c over 24 hours, greater than every other facial skincare product the Lab has evaluated. See this along side the GH Beauty Lab’s best-tested moisturizers for dry pores and skin at the face, under.

2. Moisturize incessantly.

“The best treatment to replenish skin hydration is applying a topical face moisturizer [like the above] morning and evening,” Dr. Downie says. Consistency is vital: Moisturizing pores and skin two times day by day (now not simply while you see or really feel signs of dryness) will stay pores and skin wholesome long-term and save you dehydration from happening within the first position.

3. And moisturize appropriately.

To lend a hand heal dehydrated pores and skin temporarily, observe a layer of face moisturizer on blank pores and skin over every other skincare merchandise corresponding to serums or remedies. Massage your moisturizer into pores and skin the use of a round movement. “The technique helps push hydrating ingredients deeper into rough patches and dry lines for an immediate plumping effect,” says Ava Shamban, M.D., a dermatologist in Los Angeles.

4. Give lips further hydration

Lip Balm #1


Lip Balm #1



Your lips may also be essentially the most parched house of all, since they’ve fewer protecting layers of pores and skin. Apply a wealthy lip balm or remedy each time your moisturize your face, together with morning and night time, and during the day as wanted, since consuming and consuming can take away the product.

The most efficient formulation comprise a mixture of moisturizing components (e.g. plant oils like sunflower and castor and emollients like squalane and triglycerides) and occlusive components (corresponding to petrolatum, beeswax or plant waxes and butters like shea and cocoa), which shape a protecting barrier to fasten within the nourishment and hydrate, too, Aral explains. The GH Beauty Lab select under, Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1, accommodates the moisturizer squalane and occlusive petrolatum.

5. Use a gentle face cleanser

Daily Facial Cleanser


Daily Facial Cleanser



Don’t seize any outdated cleaning soap: Some face washes can over-cleanse pores and skin, exacerbating dryness. “A sulfate- and soap-free cleanser specifically for the face will be pH-balanced and gentle to maintain skin’s barrier without stripping,” says Whitney Bowe, M.D., a New York City dermatologist and creator of The Beauty of Dirty Skin.

For dry pores and skin at the face, select a method that still accommodates moisturizing components, corresponding to glycerin. Cetaphil Daily Face Cleanser used to be a winner of the GH Beauty Lab’s face cleansers take a look at, scoring neatly for making pores and skin really feel comfortable and hydrated, and is helping to comb away dust and make-up with out stripping pores and skin of oils or leaving pores and skin feeling dried out.

6. Turn down the warmth while you wash your face

Hot and steamy water may really feel superb, however it may be destructive to pores and skin, Dr. Bowe says, by means of disrupting the barrier, which will motive sensitivity. “For the most skin-friendly cleanse, make sure the water temperature is lukewarm and test it with a finger first,” suggests GH Beauty Lab senior chemist Sabina Wizemann. You too can check out washing your face handiest within the night time to steer clear of dehydrating pores and skin, rinsing with simply water within the morning as a substitute, suggests Tess Mauricio, M.D., a dermatologist in San Diego.

7. Be good with exfoliation

Radiant Results Revitalising Daily Face Polish


Radiant Results Revitalising Daily Face Polish

While you might imagine of exfoliation so to slough off dry, flaky patches, a harsh face peel or scrub is the enemy of parched pores and skin, as it could actually disrupt pores and skin’s moisture barrier and take away its naturally-occurring hydrating oils. Avoid more potent acids like glycolic acid and rougher exfoliants like sugar and salt.

Instead, in case you have dry pores and skin in your face, check out a gentler face peel method with lactic acid or fruit acids or face scrub with spherical jojoba beads, that are much less prone to be abrasive on pores and skin. GH Beauty Lab take a look at winner No7 Radiant Results Revitalising Face Daily Face Polish is filled with nourishing components to softly elevate away lifeless pores and skin with out further inflammation. Just you’ll want to prohibit use of your exfoliator to as soon as every week, the GH Beauty Lab recommends, to steer clear of dehydrating pores and skin.

8. Invest in a humidifier

“I always recommend that my patients use a humidifier while they sleep to boost skin’s moisture levels,” Dr. Downie advises, because it combats dry air that may parch pores and skin.

9. Deep deal with flaky spots

Healing Ointment

Healing Ointment



A GH cosmetic editor go-to trick for curing dry pores and skin in a single day: Seal your moisturizer in with a thick coat of a wealthy balm or ointment that may be carried out to facial pores and skin, corresponding to Aquaphor, which has the Good Housekeeping Seal. It purposes as an occlusive, locking hydrating skincare components and moisture into pores and skin as you sleep so that you get up softer, smoother, and no more parched.

If you might be heading open air for prolonged sessions of time in chilly, dry iciness climate, the balm acts like a “coat” in your face, protective any uncovered pores and skin from the weather and fighting pores and skin from changing into chapped or annoyed.

10. Hydrate!

Moisturized pores and skin comes from the interior out, too. “Drinking sufficient water without a doubt improves pores and skin hydration,” Dr. Downie says. “Aim for eight glasses, or 64 fluid ounces, of water [or other sugar-free beverages, such as coffee, tea, and sparkling or flavored water] per day.”

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