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Homemade Sweet Rice Dessert Recipe – Steps To Make Sweet Rice Dessert

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 How To Make Sweet Rice Dessert

Sweet rice cakes are standard in every single place the sector. These are ready in quite a lot of techniques the usage of other flavours and elements. Cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg are often used as flavouring brokers in candy rice cakes.

The elementary elements of a candy rice dessert stay nearly the similar and the adaptation lies in its approach of preparation and flavours. Like fruit is added in Banana Rice Pudding or chocolate in Chocolate Rice Pudding and so forth. Sweet rice dessert is made in two techniques. The dessert may also be boiled or baked. It may also be served sizzling or chilled in keeping with the local weather and way of life of the area.

Phirni is a candy rice dessert this is made with milk and rice flour. The foundation of Phirni is alleged to be in Persia or the Middle East. It used to be presented in Indian delicacies through the Moguls. It is historically ready at the instance of Id in Muslim neighborhood. It may be often made in state of Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal in India. Phirni is referred to as Paayesh in West Bengal.

Phirni is a chilly dessert and is so easy to make. Phirni tastes nice when enriched with almonds, pistachio and saffron. You too can use rose water and inexperienced cardamom powder for flavouring. Phirni is popularly served as a chilly dessert in weddings and events in sizzling summer time months. It has a cooling impact and is simple to digest.

Phirni is a low calorie dessert and it may be dieter’s satisfaction when you use skimmed milk and sugar unfastened as a sweetening agent to make this scrumptious dessert. Phirni is an acceptable dessert choice for the elderly as it’s chewable and handy to swallow.

Ingredients For Phirni

Rice -250 grams
Milk- 2 litre
Sugar- 10 desk spoon
Almonds- 1 No.
Pistachio- 20 no.
Saffron-1/2 tea spoon
Edible Silver Leaf- Four items

Method To Make Phirni

1. Wash rice completely and grind to make rice flour.

2. Soak almonds and pistachio for 3-Four hours. Peel and finely chop them and stay apart.

3. Dissolve saffron in heat milk.

4. Boil milk until it’s decreased to part. Keep stirring in between to forestall from scalding. Remove from warmth and stay apart.

5. Lightly roast the rice flour in a heavy backside wok on medium warmth. Roast until it offers a candy aroma.

6. Add rice flour to the milk and proceed stirring to keep away from lumps. Add sugar when the rice flour is totally combined with the milk.

7. Cook the mix for five mins and produce it to a thick consistency. Remove from warmth.

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8. Add saffron and nuts and switch in a ravishing serving dish. Garnish with silver leaf. Keep it within the refrigerator to cool completely. You can set Phirni in person dessert bowls and serve chilled.

9. To download an original flavour you must set Phirni in person shallow clay bowls. These are true Indian earthenware and are disposable and hygienic.


If there may be some Phirni left after a birthday celebration, you’ll retailer it within the refrigerator and use it the following day. It will keep recent for 2-Three days.

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