No Pregnancy, No Marital Rites

What will we name this?

A circle of relatives with the acceptance of the intended born once more Bro gave a verdict that;

No Pregnancy, No Marital Rite!

Reason: elder brother’s spouse is but to be pregnant after years of marriage and so they are not looking for a repeat.

And sister is considering of doing the “do” so bro would now not slip away.

If you might be in this sort of state of affairs expensive Sister, you haven’t but discovered the person whose lacking rib you might be wearing.

If after months of ready so that you can get pregnant in spite of a number of “pourings” and the object refused to come back what’s going to occur? He leaves you for every other abi! Yoruba will say “ti e gbe”.

God can’t be mocked… you do not get started your marriage on a premise of trying out the waters earlier than diving in and you are expecting a clean trip.

When His phrase says marriage will have to be honourable to all and the mattress undefiled, why do you wish to have to disobey?

Disobedience is likened to the sin of witchcraft.

Do you suppose God did not know that extend in conception would possibly happen for some folks?

He knew however be expecting us to workout FAITH. Surrendering your existence to Jesus is by way of Faith.

The proven fact that Bro had the mouth to speak it and inspired the act will have to have advised you he is not born; by way of their fruit(Love, Joy Peace, Longsuffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-control) you shall know them.

For those that have given in to this evil verdict from their could be in rules, it’s higher to retrace your steps again to God and plead for mercy now than to enter that marriage with out the blessing of your Father in heaven.

Bro, why agonize, why sin in opposition to God? Why connive with you circle of relatives to put needless load on our expensive sister?

God already confident you in Psalm128:three that your spouse could be like a fruitful vine within the VERY HEART of YOUR HOUSE.

Finally sisters, please position a perfect price on your self.

Your value is a long way above rubies.

If he needs to move since you are refusing to succumb, fantastic. It is Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish!

That you might be complex in age will have to now not push you to sin in opposition to God; He does now not fail to remember His daughters. The Bible says He settles the lonely in households.

Your Prince Charming is right here!

God can’t be mocked! Note this please

Source by way of Olusola Ojo


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