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What Are Static Nails? I Tried the DIY Press-On Manicure Kit

Allow me to be frank: I’m a contract good looks editor, and I’m terrible at portray my very own nails. I will’t focal point at some stage in a whole professional hands and fingernails care in my present ADHD-riddled state, in order an lively individual (avid yogi) who writes for a residing, I want stay my nails brief — and I normally go away their grooming to the professionals.

Growing up, I used to be a aggressive equestrian and wasn’t anxious about breaking nails or chipping polish. Fast ahead to my twenties, I’m now juggling grad faculty and a occupation, and retaining my nails taking a look skilled takes a bit of extra repairs.

My new resolution is Static Nails, a press-on nail equipment that provides me a flawless professional hands and fingernails care in mins.

What are Static Nails and the way do they paintings?

Static Nails are packaged, press-on nail units, and they are my favourite at-home possibility for DIY-ing your individual nails. Whether you’re fending off gel manicures, too busy for salon appointments, otherwise you’re budgeting, the product’s patent-pending liquid glass lacquer is 8-free (which means it is eradicated 8 poisonous elements utilized in many polishes) and lasts thrice so long as a standard professional hands and fingernails care.

If, like me, liquid polish poses an excessive amount of of a problem, Static Nails’ reusable press-on nails may also be worn for weeks directly or got rid of/reapplied at your recreational. The glue dissolves over the years so it gained’t harm your nails, and so they are available trend-right stiletto and spherical shapes that lead them to glance expertly fitted. They are available quite a few colours and designs, however may also painted and custom designed as long as you employ a non-acetone polish remover.

The best possible phase is, they truly do glance professionally performed.

Static Nails

Jessica Ourisman

Here is a step by step information for the use of Static Nails Reusable Pop-On Manicure in Fetish Round to DIY a flawless nude mani at domestic.

  1. Prep your arms. I used a hand masks by way of the corporate Iroha. Clean the bottom of your nails, however save anything else greasy for remaining (as a result of you’ll be able to’t observe pretend nails with butter hands).
  2. Arrange your sizes. Each field incorporates 24 nails in 12 other sizes. It is helping to select your sizes forward of time and set them up in a row for simple get entry to. Get the glue in a position.
  3. Set timer for 25 seconds. You’ll want to hang every nail in position for 25 seconds whilst it dries so it is helping to have your timer in a position on the push of a button. Don’t disregard to push get started.
  4. Apply glue. Starting along with your pinky finger, observe glue to the again of the nail and the highest of your fingernail. If you’ve got a glue crisis (I unquestionably did), stay up for the glue to dry, gently peel it off your pores and skin, and resume.
  5. Press and hang, saving thumb and index hands for remaining. Start with the pinky, ring, then center hands of every hand, earlier than following up along with your index hands and thumbs. This permits you using your maximum useful digits — your index finger and opposable thumbs — for so long as conceivable.
    1. Static Nails

      Jessica Ourisman

      How lengthy do Static Nails remaining?

      These can last as long as 18 days. If you simply need it for the night time, you’ll be able to observe a “thin strip” of the nail glue out of your cuticle to the top of your nail. For much more protection and sustainability, observe extra glue to stay your Static Nails on so long as conceivable.

      Are Static Nails reusable?

      Yes! These at-home nail kits are constructed to resist as many as six reapplications. Here’s what Static Nails founder Alexis Irene informed Forbes:

      “Static’s Reusable Pop-On Nails give everyone all over the world access to luxury, on-trend nail art for a fraction of the money and time spent in salons. The best part is that these nails are non-damaging to natural nails, they can be customized without damaging the original design, they only take 5 minutes to apply, and can be worn up to 18 days — or reapplied up to six times.”

      That sounds lovely just right to me, however there’s going to be a time when we need to take away our Static Nails.

      So, how do I take away Static Nails?

      Just like they pop on, in addition they pop off. The logo recommends that you simply soak your nails in sizzling water (the freshest you’ll be able to care for) for a couple of mins. This softens the pretend nails and herbal nail, and makes the “popping off” that a lot more uncomplicated. From there, you gently carry the facet of the Static Nail, alternating till you’re left along with your herbal, damage-free nail.

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